The Two Bobby(s)...

You know, there is something so compelling/appealing about Bobby B. and his son. In their innocence, haplessness and unflagging loyalty, they emerge as sweet and achingly vulnerable.

Admittedly, Bobby B. is probably the least savvy of all of Tony's crew. At the same time, his loyalty to Tony and the that "thang" knows no limits. It is pitiful to see him in the Machiavellian web of the borderline Janice while trying at the same time to attend to her myriad issues, as the decent husband.

Similarly, we see little Bobby cast in that same sweet mold - vulnerable to the sadistic impulses of those around him - yet at the same time trying to be the good stepson or the affable cousin while in actuality is still suffering the loss of the "good mother." Did you notice his discomfort at the family dinner when Uncle Tony and Uncle Junior were in conflict? Also, his dread at the thought of being left alone with Janice, yet unwilling to disclose his anxiety (therby ratting her out)? No wonder he is experiencing the fallout of enuresis.

All in all...what sweet guys. I love the fact that Tony wants to protect Bobby from his sister. Also, found it interesting that Tony sees/feels the parallel between his own father/Livia and Bobby/Janice.


Bobby B a 'decent' guy

Bobby B. seems to be a relatively decent guy for a mob guy. He doesn't seem to be into the bimbos, he loved his wife, loves his kids, didn't want them to not have a mother as he cannot be both father and mother. Janice helped him get through a tough time and care for his kids, knows Janice does care about them, although I am not sure how much he really loves Janice. He cares about Tony S, Junior (remember the line about maybe he loves Junior more than Tony S did). There is no doubt he can use the muscle when needed, like when he met the construction union guy in the bar, not long after his wife died. His son is a fat lazy spoiled kid, who loves and respects his father, and still misses his mother. Note when Janice throws out the choclate milk the kid made probably to help hold down the kids weight.


...two Bobby(s)

Make no mistake, lbwalnj, in no way do I underestimate Bobby Baccala's ability to take care of business, as evidenced by the very scene you cite with the union guy. Also, I recall his participation in the whacking of Pussy B. At the same time, I experience him as less sociopathic, functioning with a degree of sweetness and conscience, if you will, as compared to the others. I, however, respectfully disagree with your conclusions regarding Janice. As a borderline (with sociopathic features), she does not/cannot love. Rather, she consumes those around her. Her intentions regarding Bobby are/were exploitive rather than loving. Remember her losing her wedding ring? A metaphor for their matrimonial issues, if ever there was one. Also, she ridiculed his lovemaking capabilities in front of the other wives during one of their "film review" nights. The kids are afraid her. Children with weight issues simply do not respond to bullying or cruel gestures; they are anxious to begin with. It is Bobby, from my observations, who feels a moral imperative of love for Janice....although, he now may be regretting his decision to marry her. Of course, I could be wrong.

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