Re: Who's the new guy?

The "new Guy" refered to here is Walden Belfiore who eventually is the one who kills Phil Leotardo.
We should assume that there are several soldiers and associates working for various Soprano crews that we don't see in scenes at Satriale's, the Bing or elsewhere as they are more peripheral players and natural extensions of the family. It is somewhat out of the norm for a TV show or movie to have such minor, barely intoduced characters more or less suddenly step in and perform signifcant acts, i.e. shooting Phil, yet that doesn't necessarily make it unrealistic, and , in this case, we do get a little more exposure and introduction to Walden before the hit. The focus on mentioning Carlo did seem unusual and out of place. In retrospect, one could take it as foreshadowing Carlo's eventual flip, although that allegedly occurs due to his son's arrest. Perhaps it's just another example to the building suspicions of possible threats from any and every angle, although, as another poster mentioned, the guy was just nervous to be representing his crew without his capo.

Re: Who's the new guy?

I just took that he kept mentioning Carlo because he didn't know what to say to Tony.

It's the same with Benny as well. No-one has the faintest clue how to relate to Tony in this scene and there's a huge elephant in the room. Chris is dead and nobody wants to be the first to mention it to Tony because they imagine he'd be unbelievably upset.

This doesn't even occur to Tony though. He simply doesn't care.
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