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Re: Episode 4.10: The Strong, Silent Type - Grades & General

I noticed a case of foreshadowing at the very start of this episode I hadn't seen before.Chris's drug abuse is spiraling out of control. He's fixing up in front of the TV. On the TV a group of boy scouts are sitting down to eat and are talking about a bear in the area. Chris is hazily watching this. One of the boys starts saying how he'll take on the bear etc and that " someone is going to get something they won't expect". A gorilla ( bear ) appears behind him and smothers him. This in conjunction with Chris shooting up clearly portends his own death at the hands of Tony ( bear ). The brief scene ends with one of the boys throwing a rock and hitting the gorilla ( bear ) in the head.

On another, deeper level, at least from MY perspective on things it is eerily similar to a later, MUCH later scene in which a group of boy scouts sit down to eat and another " bear " gets hit in the head!

Re: Episode 4.10: The Strong, Silent Type - Grades & General

I've been watching the series again, hopefully finishing it before school starts. I just finished this episode and I must say that I absolutely love the ending. Tony comes home to an empty house, and Furio is alone as well. The two are making dinner. The scene really encapsulates how they are different. Tony resorts to using a microwave (I don't recall ever seeing him make food except on a grill) and Furio is cooking his own dinner. This aspect just sticks out to me. ... 09DECF0F65
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