Re: Tony and Little Vito

" when Tony is clenching Vito and asking "Did you ever think about your mother? What's she's going through?"

I just re-watched this spisode last night, and this part really seemed to be Tony talking to himself. I believe he says "You go about in pity for yourself, what about your mother, what she had to go through?" That sounds like Tony's subconscious telling him that, only it's coming out when Tony's talking to little Vito. And then he goes on to say something along the lines of "you need to toughen up, you're the man of the house now."

On first viewing I didn't get why they showed both Tony and Phil lecturing this kid, but now I see it's to show what T's subconscious is trying to tell his conscious mind.

Was Phil's conversation with Vito the same thing, a revelation of Phil's thoughts that Phil himself isn't even aware of? I don't remember what he told the kid, other than not to eat in the car. :)
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