Janice in the Role of Hog Caller

There was one moment during the welcome home party for Tony Blundeto when Janice wanted to introduce him to her husband Bobby.

Have you ever seen some of these hog callers they have on the late night shows? These people typically call their hogs home - in from wherever hogs go by cupping their hands around their mouths so as to make their voices as loud as possible and then they emit these loud, piercing, amazingly LOUD calls. One of the most common is, "SOOO EEEEEEEEEEE???", with the emphasis on the "EEEEEEE???". Remember now?

When Janice calls across the room to her husband, I swear she sounds like she is halfways singing and halfways calling home the hogs , "BOB EEEEEEEEE??" Someone must capture that sound bit and make a looping video for YouTube.

But I recommend to any of you who have that show recorded that you go and replay that call a few times. After listening to it a few times, I could just never forget it and I always think of it as if she is calling out to her hog.

Will Bobby take over from Tony as head of the family? After listening to that call a few times, it just seems too far-fetched to ever happen.

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