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Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Remember When'

Hello Sweden,

Welcome to the board! What would be the chances that you might like to invite some of your legendary beautiful Swedish women with their blonde hair and long, long legs to come here so that we might "meet and greet" them?

Actually, we all have cleavers now (since the second episode of Season 6B: "Stage 5"), so perhaps instead of "meeting and greeting" them, we might "meat and grade" them.

I figure that anyone who speaks Spanish and Swedish might not be fully expert at English and that you might enjoy my little word game above?

If not, don't worry and please accept my welcome anyway!

Re: Grade 'Remember When'

I give it an 8. The way they make you think Tony is going to take out Paulie is sensational! I cant stop thinking about this show. Also you cant forget about Uncle Jnr, its been a while since the show focused on him and it was good to see how he deals with life in the hospital.

Re: Grade 'Remember When'

I think it was fantastic to see Junior back in his prime, even if for only a short while.
Somewhat the antithesis of his last few years.
It makes me think about how in real life, many people are said to have a profound moment of clarity before they die. Even after being delusional for years.
I hope Junior doesn't die, but if he does, this would seem like the metaphor leading up to it.

I rate it an 8, by the way.

Re: Episode 6.15: Remember When - Grades & General Review

Really good episode. I especially enjoyed Junior's cuckoo's nest storyline with Carter Chong. Carter was a very compelling standalone foil to regular characters, much like Warren Feldman in "Stage 5". He was definitely a surrogate Tony to Junior for a number of reasons - his unending rage, bitterness and chip on his shoulder, as well as the small eyes and dark hair for a physical angle. This isn't the first time an Asian man has acted as a surrogate for Tony - Mr. Kim from "Sentimental Education" was another Tony-type, but from his cousin's perspective rather than his uncle's.

It was kind of sad, but also nice, to see Junior find some level of peace and put his mob life behind him, but then fucking Carter had to go and ruin it. Much like Tony would have.
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