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I remember thinking the movie was enjoyable and clever when it first came out, but then again, I was fifteen. I saw it again about six months ago and I found it irritating. I cannot stand movies that just have to pile it on because they haven't done a good enough job of building sympathy for a character in the first place. He's got a terrible rare disease AND he's a genius. Why not one or the other? And not only that, but his father is a murderer. Who'd he kill? Why, the boy's mother, of course! I'm surprised they didn't stick a dead puppy in there somewhere. Speaking of which, it was about as predictable as "Marley and Me" in that you KNEW the kid was going to die.

And can we do without good-looking actresses shedding their makeup and hairstyles for a "serious" drama and acting as though that suddenly makes them a world-class thespian? All you did was make yourself unattractive, it doesn't mean you suddenly know how to act. See Carey, Mariah in "Precious".
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Re: Ever seen The Mighty?

Good movie! It is on Netflix, I was surprised upon rewatching that it had JG in it. It also has Gillian Anderson from X Files in it, which is why I watched i'm also an X Files fan. I recommend this movie very sweet.
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