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We haven't had a flashback since "In Camelot," no? And we haven't seen Junior in a flashback in even longer, maybe since the first or second season (sopranology, that definitely is the young Junior). My memory fails me (just like Junior), but it's definitely been a while. I'm looking forward to it very much.

As far as the body goes, I don't think it's that important. What's important is how the whole thing will affect Tony's relationship with Paulie (which, from the preview, seems to be the focus of the episode). I'm not the biggest Paulie fan (he's definitely the most despicable of anyone in Tony's crew), but considering that he's one of the longest running characters and that he and Tony have known each other for a very very long time, I'm definitely interested to see how it plays out.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

He does look like he's preparing for battle or something, doesn't he? That shot of him doing bicep curls with the dumbbells gives me the effing creeps. Gehhhhhh, Paulie. ITA with whoever said he's the most despicable of the crew. Truly a nightmare of a person, and I hope to see his painful, torturous demise or incarceration before the series is up. Crime doesn't have to not pay (how's that for grammar!?), but Paulie getting his would be a fine stand-in for Tony NOT getting his.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

As far as random speculation goes, and I do not think this is going to really begin in earnest for two weeks, I see Phil cleaning house, in both his own and the NJ family.

Funny, I have hated Phil's character until recently, though Frank vincent hs been brilliant, but the end of E2 really changed my perspective on his character. He may now be among the most likable characters left on the show.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

mkay0 wrote:There is no way in hell that Paulie dies this coming episode. The previews are always intentionally misleading, and something major like Paulie dying would never be hinted at so overtly if it were actually going to happen.

I agree. DC is messing with people. Pauly has been on a down sliding slope for a while now, and it is too easy to preview his "death", but I don't think it's gonna happen. He's one of Tony's closest guys. Would take a lot for him to get wacked. I think DC is playing on viewers fascinations with people getting killed.

Maybe it's Chris who is taking the boat ride, not Pauly :)
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