Re: Agent Harris' Appeal for Help: Is This Tony's "Out"?

billyp wrote: I find it plausible that Harris is a sheep in wolf's clothing, who may be instigating a confrontation through manipulating Tony on a psychological level. The fallout would be field day for the FBI.
That's a possibility. I recall that when the FBI first searched the Soprano home and Carmela commented that "that one guy, agent Harris, wasn't so bad," Tony made a comment like "he was the sliest of the bunch". I certainly don't put it past him to manipulate "facts" a bit to try and leverage Tony somehow.

That said, I do think Harris is working terror and not OC. I do think Harris has shown a moment of actual sympathy for Tony, when the other, head agent was rather enjoying being able to play the tape of Livia urging the hit on Tony. And, though I wouldn't bet on it, I still think Harris will throw Tony some kind of return bone when the terror lead actually pans out (which I predict it will). He may got to bat for Tony with the DA or OC wing of the FBI to not use the evidence of Chris' involvement to flip him against Tony since Tony was the only reason they got the lead in the first place. Or, since he tipped Tony off the record once before, he might tip him again that an indictment is coming down, giving him a chance to lam it before arrest. Just a couple of possibilities out there.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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