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Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Stage 5'

i've been meaning to post this but just got around to it so excuse me if someone already mentioned it. But did anyone recognize the item hanging w/ the crucifix at the end of "cleaver" from a previous episode? when i was growing up it was called an italian horn to ward off the malork. i was rewatching the episode where Furio was giving Carmela small gifts he brought back from italy(season 4 i belive). one of the items he gave her, to give to AJ, was this exact figurine. any ideas? some people here are pretty insightful so i thought i'd ask.

Re: Episode 6.14: Stage 5 - Grades & General Review

It's an Italian good luck charm, I guess. Maybe it's viewed as Pagan, which is why Carmine referred to it as the "propane".

Also, I have to appreciate the layers of subtext when Carmine recommends a "sexy death" in the Cleaver movie, and says it turns out that the victim used to be the boss's mistress. For Carmine, this line is a call-back to Lorraine Calluzo. For Chris, it's a call-back to Juliana Skiff.
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