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Carmine: talking about the "melifluous" box he bought his father. Was it a music box? I ask because melifluous means "sweet sounding". There is no other word close to the spelling of "melifluous" that means anything remotely appropriate to the description of that box. Isn't it interesting how one person picks up on an incorrect meaning of a word and it gets spread around within their environment. Since the LCN can be such a close community, it's not surprising that if one person begins to use a big word in the wrong context (but sounding like an appropriate context), all the boys will follow suit.

Tony is a great example. He hears a learned expression from Melfi (example "Amour Fou") and Tony wants to be learned. So he begins to use a mangled version of Melfi's expression to all his cronies who likewise begin to use it. I find that so interesting. Another great example was his "intravenous" (inter vivo) trust from the Pie-O-My episode.

You can be almost certain that anytime one of the boys uses a big word that you don't know, he's probably using it in the wrong context and that he doesn't know what it means. But the wives never do that. Evidence that women are smarter than men?

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Johnny Sac was one of the few male characters who never used malapropisms. I always found that somehting to admire. Also I don't think Tony B ever did either but he wasn't around for very long.

Meadow: Meow, you guys have a fight or somehting?
AJ: ...I don't know.

Phil: No more, Butchy. No more of this.

Not spoken but Chris' stone cold face at the end while he was hugging Tony was priceless.

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NJ Unleashed wrote:not so much of a quote, altough there were many, many good ones.

I though Johnny Sacks book choise was a bit 'funny' It had an title like; How doctors gamble with your life'

what a thing to read in that condition.
Actually that was a "Reader's Digest" magazine with that as the title of the main article. The concept of gambling was elsewhere in this episode. Tony placing the bets on baseball before meeting with Carmine. Was he also gambling by meeting with Carmine and urging him to take control of the family with his support?
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