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the ending?

how will it end? the question that everyone wants answers too, personally i think that end will be much like the start of the epic series, tony in the life. i think this season will have more bloodshed than any other but i think tony makes it out alive, maybe with less friends and a smaller family but Tony lives. what do you think?

Re: the ending?

I don't think Tony will die, I hope to god Paulie doesn't either. I really think Chase is going to leave us hanging in the end, for us to come to our own conlusions. Either Tony's laying in a hospital bed or in a courtroom, or who knows.. maybe the whole family getting on a plane to move far away from Jersey. Although I have been disappointed with the previous episodes, I think there will be a lot of bloodshed, but T will make it out alive.

Re: the ending?

I used to think that it had to end as all gangster stories do--with Tony's death. Gangsters don't ride off into the sunset. I wish I could remember who said it, but basically the story of a man who dies at 33 can only be told after his death. At any point before that it's an entirely different story. But now I think that Tony dying is by far the least likely way for Chase to end it.

When you say "smaller family," which one do you mean? I've been a little concerned by how little time Tony has spent with his crew, especially Sil (partly because I love Sil and I'm feeling cheated having to waste time on lesser characters). Is he losing their confidence?

Who thinks there's gonna be a Godfather-style wedding with Meadow and Patrick before this is over? And Artie comes back to cater it?
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Re: the ending?

I understand it could happen but don't see how Sil is going to get whacked, after all, he has been in the background relative to NY and has never been anything other than a conciliator in any conversations.

Of course, if his daughter gets hurt or killed in the episode tonight then all bets are off.

It's interesting, only one member of Tony's crew (Vito) has been hurt in any way by NY yet Tony's crew is responsible for a whole bunch of stuff relative to NY. I suppose retaliation is one reason for Tony's crew taking a huge hit, we'll have to see. And Phil Leotardo does say in the previews, "I've made a decision, go do it"-I don't think he was talking about anyone telling Tommy to get his shinebox

Re: the ending?

I don't want Tony to die !!!!!!! I love Tony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope there will have some more episodes to come ...I don't want the Sopranos to end up !!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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