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6 - This is simply an ok episode. I have a hard time even pointing out what I dislike about it. Part of it is the bordello story. The bordello seems introduced simply for the purposes of that single story. And quite simply, the Sopranos is better then that. Never before or since have we heard or seen anything about the bordello that Tony and crew seem to frequent.

The episode is not without merit though. We DO get to hear Paulie's Godfather car-horn. Also, the surprise of Makazian on the bridge is especially good, because the viewer does not see it coming. This episode does have vital plot points such as Junior finally deciding to make a move against Tony, but again, there is not enough substance to really go much farther then that. The idea of a rat in Tony's crew, at the time of the first showing, must have been like a kick in the gut. However, as time has grown on, a whole episode trying to figure out if Pussy is a rat seems a bit much, especially considering we find out by episode 2 of the next season that he is a rat, not only that, but virtually all of next season is spent exploring Pussy's rat status. I do appreciate the time spent on Tony, trying to make the right decision, and knowing if it is the wrong one, it will be the biggest mistake of his life. How it affects him is great and heartbreakingly realistic. Still, not one of my favorite episodes.

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I'll go with a 7 for this episode. It is better than the one that came before, but not as good as what comes after. However, it does a great job setting up the final episodes of the season, and beginning the Pussy as rat storyline. I'll also say that the Makasian suicide was unexpected.

I'll agree that the bordello scenes are not as good as the rest of the episode, though I do like the scene between Tony and the madam after Makazian's death. And I'll also say that I loved Paulie's Godfather horm, though unfortunately he seems to have lost it in subsequent seasons. :icon_cry: Oh well.

All in all - a solid 7.
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Re: Episode 1.11: Nobody Knows Anything - Grades & General R

This was easily my least favorite episode of the first season. I gave it a 5. I just didn't feel the writing was up to par. The dialog with Tony and Makazian at the brothel felt a little false (I don't see a cop on the take pouring his heart out about child abuse to a mostly hostile gangster). Thought Melfi offering "keeping secrets" as the kind of psychological stress that could cause physical symptoms was way too cute and convenient and made Melfi look too naive, especially given Tony's pronounced interest and the way his countenance dropped after she proffered "secrets" as a possible explanation. And if I had had to hear Tony shriek, "It's Fuckin Jimmy!" one more time, I think my ears would have exploded. I know he's not the most articulate guy in the world, but I think he could do better than shouting the same words a dozen times.

That said, I, too, got a kick out of Paulie's horn. And Mikey Palmice's glee with his wife as they made coffee to celebrate both the bump off and the bump up was just right. And I did like Tony's visit to Pussy to see if he could coax him into a confession. I'm writing this from memory and haven't seen the ep in quite a while. It's not one I ever watched much to begin with, so there's more -- good and bad -- that I've probably forgotten.
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Watched the episode again and most of my feelings still stand and I agree with much of what FoMW states. I also have to say that I didn't buy Makazian hanging out with mobsters in a bordello. It was just a bit earlier that Makazian argues with Tony about how just being seen with Tony jeopordizes his job and life. And now he is comfortable hanging out with Tony and the crew? Also, I just didn't buy it that Tony and his friends would be ok with Makazian tagging along with them. Just didn't seem right.

Re: Episode 1.11: Nobody Knows Anything - Grades & General R

Makazian had some potential to be an interesting character if he'd been developed just a little bit more. They could have given him a subplot in one more episode, then the character would have been more compelling, kind of like a precursor to Davey Scatino in S2. In part though, his fleeting role is a big part of what made his death so shocking. That was strong storytelling, but the episode as a whole wasn't played quite right. They had a deleted scene from either the pilot or episode 2, where Pussy is arrested and turns informant. So it seems like they cut that scene to set up a "mystery episode" that was used to hook the audience early in the show's run, rather than live up to repeat viewings. The same kind of thing occurred in "Isabella" with the Fight Club twist.

The ambiguity of this episode also serves to set up Tony's unconscious gut suspicion regarding Pussy throughout Season 2, but since the mystery is solved for the viewer, but not Tony, early in that season, they might as well have revealed it to us at the beginning of the show. Brief little hints pop up throughout Season 1, which add dramatic irony when you know the truth about Pussy. In retrospect, Pussy's rathood was ultimately what defined his whole character. Before that story arc was introduced, Pussy had no real defining characteristics outside of his funny name.
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