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9 - I gave this episode a 9 because it simply has an amazing couple of stories which intertwine. When rewatching this episode, I found myself wondering if the Boca storyline and the soccer coach storyline complimented each other. I decided they were an odd pairing for this episode, and didn't really fit together as well as I was expecting.

However, both were so strong and so well done, that I can not complain. What was great about this episode is the two main stories really allowed fans to enjoy the stand-alone story (i.e. the soccer coach) and the plot-heavy Boca storyline. The soccer coach was similar to "College" as you don't really need to know much about the characters to enjoy it, and the Boca storyline progressed the season and ultimately leads to the season finale. Just an amazing episode.

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I doubled up yesterday on my Sopranos watching and thus got to watch one of my favorites. The whole trip to Boca, the Roberta/Junior pairing and subsequent ending of it are a pleasure and sad to watch at the same time. And though this portion of the show is what resonated so much with me on first viewing, I now have a far deeper respect for the soccor coach storyline.

Rather than it being a stand-alone story, I think this is one of those times where a seemingly unrelated issue where we simply see Tony doing his business, really has a great deal to do with the character. Artie is promenantly featured, as is Charmaine, and I think both represent that path Tony might have taken. As well, the ending certainly suggests that there must be part of Tony that does not desire to do what he does. When he comes home drunk and states "I didn't hurt nobody" - what a touching and powerful scene!

If the show loses points at all it might be because the actor playing the soccor coach was not all that great, and even though I like Cake quite a lot, I didn't think it was the best song to end on. Rather, I think Chase should have set it to the music we heard when Roberta and Junior were dancing in Boca, or something like that.

In the end, it gets a 9 (though really, that should be more like a 9.5) Great, great episode.
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I gave this episode a 9 out of 10. It is one of my top 10 favorites in series history and inspired my user name. Tony when talking to Carmela about Junior's oral sex skills, "The old man is whistling in the wheatfield?" This was a fun episode with Tony giving Junior hell about it on the golf course, inspired by one of Junior's many put downs of Tony when he was younger of not having the makings of a varsity athlete. Watching Tony beat around the bush (pun intended) about it, was amongst the funniest moments in series history. Tony singing 'South Of Th Border' and saying he smelled sushi and asking him what he was doing eating sushi, "I thought you were a bacala man" while they were playing golf was great. As was Junior's reactions of acting like he didn't know what Tony was talking about. Just a funny scene of Junior slamming the cake into Roberta's face at the end.

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I think this is a great episode, certainly in the top few of the season - All for reasons already mentioned, though, so I don't need to go into too much detail. I gave it a nine, though.

One thing, though: I really love that little music clip that plays in the back of the Bing while Tony is thinking about what to do about the soccer coach. All I know about it is that it's a mix of some Alabama 3 song, because I recognize the vocal clips from a longer version of "Woke Up This Morning". Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or know whether or not this nifty little song is available anywhere?

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Watching this again, I LOVE the short sequence when Tony is making the decision to call or not to call the hit on Coach Howser. The techno music playing, as Tony paces back and forth in the Bada Bing backroom. Just a great moment in the series. Also one of the first that makes us realize there might be more to Tony then just an appetite for mob-justice and as Melfi states, "setting things right".

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This episode is one of my favorites. It's got so much going on at different levels. Many scenes bring a tear to my eye. snif*

You can really feel juniors pain as he breaks it off with what's her name? and her pain as well after getting the pie in the face treatment.

Dealing with coach Houser's having sex with Meadow's friend, and whether to kill him? And the last scene where Tony comes home drunk and pilled up dealing with his decision, as Meadow watches from the balcony. And the music so it just all jelled together for a fine episode.

Happy trails.

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Gave "7"..Mostly for the music and for the great scenes...Silvio, Junior , Mikey and Tony golfing and the chat about the sushiland...:)) It was great.
Loved Carmella giggling, it was funny and honest..
And ofcourse Gandolfinis acting..It is just great,specially when he is coming home drunk with meds and booze..Only this mixture "helped"him say that he did not hurt nobody...:icon_twisted:
Artie is very good reminder to him that there was also the other path to him also in the past...And Arties remark that whack the coach is not the answer and even it only makes them feel better...

Good episode but not my favorite..

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Bit of a mixed bag this one, liked the plot with Meadow's coach and Tony debating on whether or not to kill him, the subplot with Junior wasn't so great, while some of Tony's comments were funny, I truly did not understand what the big deal was about people knowing he was good at giving head, it just made no sense to me(maybe it's an Italian cultural thing i'm not familiar with), and the pie-in-the-face scene was just really stupid and not funny in the least.
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