Re: Update on Chase's availability

I've been holding off posting until I knew what was up in my future. Besides Sunday nights and Bonnaroo I should be free. It would be cool with me just to gather for the final but if waiting gets us a date with Chase... What are we even talking about? Lets do it. Make me 4!

Btw, I'll be driving from North Georgia and would probable have a friend coming along from Tallahassee. If things work out this way and anybody wants to carpool. PM me.

P.S. I'm not a serial killer. Well, I've never struck another Sopranos fan at least. I just make them place the lotion in the basket.

Re: Update on Chase's availability

chaseisgod wrote:My goodness, I just saw this. The idea to meet him and talk to him -- well, I'd probably sell my car to make it.
Given your screen name, I kinda figured that. :icon_biggrin: There's plenty of room. I will probably email or call Jason to next week to confirm that we want to move it to later in the year when Chase can attend.
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Re: Update on Chase's availability

Spoke to Jason again today just to make sure he had gotten my email of a few weeks ago and knew that we intend to postpone the gathering until David can participate. He seemed pleased with that decision and very willing to continue coordinating the planning when David returns from France, even though the staff will be well out of the Silvercup offices by that time.:icon_sad: (They were, in fact, packing up some office stuff today.) He gave me his cell number to make sure we'd be able to maintain phone contact beyond the summer, although we plan on speaking again before the final move.

He didn't seem to really know when David would be back in the states, but his best guess was sometime in August. Based on that, and based on the fact that my work obligations are by far highest in the months between early June and September, we agreed that the gathering would take place in September or later in New Jersey, specific time, location, and format to be determined.

I'll mention as an aside that he expressed real appreciation for the episode ratings polls that we're doing for these latest eps (kudos to DH & garthman for instituting that!). He seemed equally interested when I told him we were doing polling in some well hidden threads for all the eps. So, perhaps in that two week window we'll have between eps 7&8, I'll get all the episode polls ready and link them in one forum visible on the front page so that we can get a lot of participation in them before the inevitable drop in forum activity after series end.

There are some other tidbits from the conversation that I will try to share in some of the other forums re the remaining episodes (no spoilers). But, for now, think about September/October as the target window for the gathering.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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