Favorite Episode of Season 3

Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood (No votes)
Proshai, Livushka (No votes)
Fortunate Son (No votes)
Employee of the Month (No votes)
Another Toothpick (No votes)
University (No votes)
Second Opinion (No votes)
He Is Risen (No votes)
The Telltale Moozadell (No votes)
To Save Us All From Satan's Power
Total votes: 1 (20%)
Pine Barrens
Total votes: 4 (80%)
Amour Fou (No votes)
Army of One (No votes)
Total votes: 5

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 3

Pine Barrens. It's just so entertaining obviously more on the humorous side, but still true to The Sopranos story. It was a great character development episode for Christopher and Pauly and the relationship they have. The scene of the two of them sucking on ketchup packets is classic. "Mix it with the relish!"

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 3

Season 3 is a difficult one to choose a favorite. My knee-jerk reaction is Pine Barrens, but there's some gold elsewhere in the season as well. Army of One is a great, humorous yet bleak finale that actually kind of elaborates on the tone set by Pine Barrens, and the ending that closes on Junior's sentimental song, then transitions to Aphex Twin in the credits, is just fantastic. That said, at the end of the day I have to go with Pine Barrens.
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Re: Favorite Episode of Season 3

My favourite episodes from Season 3 ranked:

2:Pine Barrens
3:Amour Fou
4:Proshai Livushka
5:Army Of One
6:Employee Of The Month
7:Second Opinion
8:Mr Roggerio's Neighbourhood
9:To Save Us All From Satan's Power
10:Fortunate Son
11:Another Toothpick
12:He Is Risen
13:The Telltale Moozadell
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