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Re: Episode 1.02: 46 Long - Grades & General Review

FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:Livia giving us our first "poor you"
I was a bit surprised, considering how many times we heard it and how important that phrase is to the series, that "poor you" wasn't said in the pilot. I wonder if Chase waited to use it for any specific reason, or if it didn't even occur to him and only came about in the writing of episode 2.

Re: Episode 1.02: 46 Long - Grades & General Review

I posted most of my thoughts in my longer review that was posted months ago. I rewatched the episode today, as I love idea of our "86 Long" viewing and hope more board members participate. I never really saw the car hunt that Pussy and Paulie go through as silly until now. I guess I just viewed it as the show still finding its footing.

It is obvious much of the comedy is just a tad out of place. There are some scenes which we can look back on and go, "that is SO Sopranos..." and others--not so much. The car hunt is part of the latter and it seems like something that would have come out of a poorer episode in the sixth season, but as I said, the show was still finding its footing. And I also think, as mentioned in the earlier post that it introduced us to characters like Paulie and Pussy in a fun and unassuming way. Livia hitting her friend, Fran (I think) with the car is golden (a member of the former, as far as comedy goes). It is the Soprano's dark comedy at it's best.

I love the reactions that Tony has to Livia. Those are the stand-out moments from this episode for me. The way Tony rubs his temples when discussing the nursing home and Livia's caretaker. Gandolfini just shines and we see him slip further Tony's skin. We get the great scene in the Bing, watching Tony juggling his mother, Chris and the dvd players, Georgie and the phones, and Serg on the phone, along with a quick phone call to Carmella (as she is doing her nails and looks disgusted at Tony's request. "Thanks Baby, I know you are busy!!!" another laugh-out-loud moment).

Not the best episode, by far, but certainly not a bad one either. The show is just really growing into what it would become by the end of these first four episodes.

Re: Episode 1.02: 46 Long - Grades & General Review

It is amazing that I, as many of you, just recently watched these episodes mere months ago to gear up for the final 9. And it is almost torture to only watch one per week. I mean, I viewed "46 Long", at the most, maybe 5 months ago. And I had seen it countless times before that, and I can't wait for sunday to get here again so I can watch and comment on "Denial, Anger, Acceptance".

Re: Episode 1.02: 46 Long - Grades & General Review

Universal Polymath wrote:After a very long week of work (photographed a wedding last weekend and spent the last week wading through a good five-hundred photos), it was a great treat to finally relax and take in episode two last night.

"46 Long" is filled with memorable moments. When I think of early season one, a lot of little things from this episode in particular come to mind: The little intro scene that plays before the opening credits; Georgie's difficulties with the phone; the fire at Livia's house (and the concerned stripper that asks Tony if she's okay); Pussy and Paulie's search for the science teacher's Saturn (not my favorite storyline, but it really wasn't all that bad); Paulie's "rape of the culture" rant; Livia running down Fanny in her driveway. There was a lot packed in this episode.

I always remember this episode for being particularly funny, and for really trying to be funny, it seems. The shift in mood over the course of the series is quite evident, but this early episode specifically has a more lighthearted feel to it even when compared to other S1 offerings. There was a lot of comedy in this one. Some things worked for me (the fire and Livia's slow 911 dial, and most of the things I listed above, really) and some things didn't (Most of the Paulie/Pussy stuff, the "Starbucks"/"Buttfucks" confusion, etc.), but Chase's attempt to bill this show as a comedy is very obvious in this one.

And speaking of comedy, if you've ever wondered what The Sopranos would be like with canned laughter (I know I have spent many nights thinking about it), check this out:

It's a pretty entertaining little clip, and borrows quite a few clips from this episode.

Oh god thats freaking hilarious:icon_biggrin:

Re: Episode 1.02: 46 Long - Grades & General Review

I know a lot of people aren't too fond of the teacher's car storyline in this episode, but it's never really bothered me. I find it pretty funny actually and I really enjoy the scenes with pauly at the coffee shops. I also always get a kick of the scene when Tony tells Christopher that the suits need to go back in the truck and points out three of the racks to go back (his subtle way of saying they can keep the rest). The cold open in this episode always stands out to me too. I give it an 8 for the comedy aspects of the episode including Livia hitting her friend with the car.
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