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I thought the best acting so far in all the episodes, bar none, was in ?D-Girl.? The characters of Big Pussy and Christopher do it with no dialog! At the end of the episode where Tony sends Chris outside for his few minutes to think, and Pussy is in the bathroom crying after he realizes what he has done (been a rat) to his life-long friend is amazing. I almost want to cry along with Pussy. Their expressions, mannerisms, the camera moves and music all come together to do what no written dialog ever could.

The song is ?Vedi, Maria? performed by Emma Shapplin. The entire album is excellent also. There is a lot of great music in the Sopranos that doesn?t get publicized much anywhere. There are several books in print now that list some of the music, and of course the discussion boards are a good resource.


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All the actors in this series seem to be at the top of their games at all times, but no one more than Edie Falco and James Gandolfini. I think the single greatest acting showcase in the history of the series would be almost the entire episode of "Whitecaps". Out of a series that usually shocks and moves the audience with the tragic death of a significant character in the final episode (or so) of the season, "Whitecaps" captivated for the whole hour (and then some), with nothing but the great performances out of Falco and Gandolfini sustaining it.

The scene with Pussy that you mentioned was also great, very touching. But when I recall being moved to tears like no other point in the series, it was during Carmella's breakdown in "Join the Club", right after she asks the doctor if Tony knows that he's dying.

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The Tony/Carmela scenes are definently some of the finest moments of work by anyone on the show. But for this one I am going to single out one episode, that being Christopher and Adriana in Season 5, "Long Term Parking" The whole dynamic of these two coming to the end of the long term relationship is fascinating to watch, as is watching Adriana honestly believe she can get Christopher to leave the life and to join her and be happy leading an ordinary life. The scene where she confesses her FBI involvement to him in their apartement is so surreal you can't believe you are watching it, as is Christopher's reaction of shock. What a changing range of emtions: shock, anger and almost choking her to death, to apologetic and just general fear. They did a great job making you wonder what his ultimate decision would be. Fine job by Michael Imperioli and Drea de Mateo in their final swan song together.

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I agree with many of the scenes already nominated in this thread. Off the top of my head, I would include the major fight between Tony and Carmela in Whitecaps, Adriana's confession to Christopher in Long Term Parking, the heartbreaking scene on the boat in Funhouse and Tony's poolside rescue of AJ in The Second Coming.

I could probably think of a dozen more dramatic scenes that were particularly devastating. However, for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to nominate a personal favourite: Chris' intervention in The Strong, Silent Type.

Besides being my favourite bit of comedy in the entire series, I think it truly captures the essence of each of the characters involved. We see Christopher and Paulie's mutual antagonism; Silvio's quiet straightforwardness; and Tony's disgust and outrage (particularly with respect to Cosette) at Christopher, to name a few. This scene, much like Tony's therapy, shows the culture of the Mafia in conflict with a very different one. Unsurprisingly, it results in the vicious beating of Christopher. However, despite its senselessness, it was the only beatdown of the entire series to have me in stiches [edit: nevermind...Mikey + stapler]. An absolutely unforgettable scene.

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mperkins605 wrote:Christopher's intervention scene was my favorite until I saw the Monopoly scene in Soprano's Home Movies. Drunk Mob guys playing Monopoly, arguing over the rules, and when Bobby said, "I'm going to buy a railroad." I LMAO.

HaHa! me too, LMAO. Bobby really did "buy it" with the railroad! When our family played Monopoly growing up, we also played where you get the money in the pot when you landed on Free Parking.

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also, Junior's breakdown at the end of "In Camelot" was remarkable
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One of my favorites is at the end of "Boca" where it's revealed that Meadow's soccer coach was arrested(after Tony resisted the impulse to kill him for molesting Ally) and Tony is high and/or drunk and says "I Didn't Hurt Nobody" and Meadow sees him and the episodes ends with a focus on her knowing look. It's one of those quiet understated moments that tells us a lot in not so many words, that Meadow is proud of of her father for doing the right thing.
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