Well from Rosalie's standpoint, Jackie died of cancer. Jackie Jr. died in a drug deal. Richie was only her brother in law anyway, and he's in the witness protection program. Since Jackie Sr's death, her relatoinship to Richie wasn't nearly as important. Also, all of her friends are mob wives. If she turned CW, she would absolutely nobody except her b---- daughter who probably wouldnt join the program with her anyway.

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rosalie, in my opinion, plays the part of the weak "air-head" (forgive me) mob wife. she accepts the old-school ways because it's too her advantage. she's not so smart, makes some pretty lame comments, and all the mob wives know it. But they love her, because she is loyal to the old school and seems to accept it with ease. All the while Carm struggles with the concept of mafia marriage and her leaving Tony gives Adrianna some serious thoughts of whether she may want to get out now while she can.


Re: Rosalie Aprile

Rosalie still has kind of a rose-tinted view of the mob since her husband died of cancer rather than violence. And as far as her son goes, she seems to genuinely believe it was drug dealers. There's probably a slight suspicion in the back of her mind, but she can block it out, she has powerful defense mechanisms against seeing the bigger picture of her lifestyle.
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