If you want to play the Sopranos Trivia Game, the rules are simple:

1.        A poster asks a Sopranos related trivia question. (I will post the first one).

2.        The first member posting the correct answer gets to ask the next trivia question (have a question ready).

3. If a member has already posted a proposed answer to the question, don’t post another proposed answer (even if you know the first proposed answer it is not correct), until an authorized person has let us know if the first guess was correct or incorrect (this is to prevent clutter).

4.        Only the member that posted the question has the ability to declare the correct answer to his or her question, thus allowing the next question to be asked. So, when you get the chance to pose a trivia question to the board, please make sure you (a) know the correct answer to your own question and (b) check back here a few times a day; don’t leave members hanging, they want to pose their trivia questions too! (The Boss and the Moderators reserve the right to declare answers as correct or incorrect in the interest of moving the game along, especially if the member asking the question goes MIA for a little while).

5.        Incorrect guesses may eventually be deleted from the board just to streamline the process.
        And with that, here is the first Sopranos trivia question (I’ll make it a softball):

Where did Janice hide Svetlana's prosthetic leg?

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ok. i'm probably wrong (I usually am around here) but isn't answer 'because Livia told him to?' as a way to flex his muscle as the new boss? ('whoever heard of a jew owning horses?' she says) maybe Livia resented the fact that someone else's opinion held such sway over her husand?

i thought Johnny Boy, as a captain, didn't tax him because of their closeness and what i interpreted as Hesh's unofficial consigliere role?


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