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Anyone else think that diner scene was weird? It started out with a viewpoint from the parking lot looking in . . . like someone was surveilling them. There were some long silent looks between Chris and Julianna, then there was the awkwardness as they discussed whether to ride together or separately. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about that scene was disturbing.


Re: Chris will flip

I agree that it was a very odd scene. I couldn't quite understand what was happening betw them. When I rewatched, I was left uncertain. Maybe that was the point.

First, I was suspicious of how curious Julianna was about Chris's business. In an earlier scene at her apartment when C said something like, "I can't tell you about that," she said, "Good! I don't want to hear about it." She seemed sincere. And now she's asking about the oaths and all. Maybe this was simply the result of them getting closer.

I can't really see her as an informant, not with how messed up she gets. But she seemed to be leading him on, plumbing him for information.

J: "You were talking about recovery and your organized crime thing."

A bit later...

J: "They let you down."
C: "Whatever. Here I am." (Seemed like Chris was trying to shut himself up.)

But back to the weirdness. They talk about whether or not to go to a meeting. When they left, I couldn't tell if they were going or not. They exchanged looks that may have meant: "Let's blow off the meeting and get high." OR the looks may have meant: "I suppose we should go to the f'ing meeting, for all the good they're doing us."

Then the thing with taking one car or two. Why would he decide to take two cars? Because he doesn't want to be seen with her? To remain more independent? Because he's going to go someplace else?


Re: Chris will flip

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Why is this surprising? He told Adrianna all kinds of things, including his "ceremony" and her knowledge of "THINGS" is what prompted her to want to speed up their marriage after she watched the "Murder One" episode about a wife not being able to testify against her husband.<hr></blockquote>

Lefty: Well, this is kind of my point, why would Chris, after what happened with Ade, be so sloppy as to start blabbing to someone he just met and knows absolutely nothing about, except for the fact that she has fooled around with Tony (making Chris's trangression that much worse, imo.) and we've already seen Juliana tell her friend that she's with someone connected to Tony Soprano. she's not exactly discrete.

it seems Chris is making Juliana into a substitute Ade (someone he can get high with, share his movie script with, bitch about Tony to, etc.) but talk about not learning your lesson !

Bottom line: all of this underscores how dangerous it is for Tony to keep Chris around.

Remember that Chris had been with Ade for many years and Ade grew up around the 'family.' so while it wasn't the smartest thing to give her a club and tell her certain things -- though I don't really think he told her that much, which is why she in turn didn't have anything good to give the feds -- it's a much more understandable than spilling LCN secrets to a f*ck buddy.

Also, I don't recall Chris telling Ade details about the ceremony, other than the fact that it happened.


Re: Chris will flip

I'm with you, peeayebee, I found the scene very confusing, and I believe intentionally so.

I'm the only one, I guess, not too concerned with what he told her. Basically, he also described what has been portrayed in movies, etc., and really is no more than the secret Mason handshake or whatever. And his point was that the code isn't being followed, so why should he worry about describing that little part of the ceremony?

At first I thought he was going to recovery, while she looked like she didn't want to follow suit. I thought that was why he said they should take separate cars. Since he was with his wife in the next scene, I assumed he did go to a meeting. Now I'm not entirely sure. But then, that's Chris!

I sure thought he might get whacked leaving the restaurant, though. So glad he's still alive!


Re: Chris will flip

I sure thought he might get whacked leaving the restaurant, though. So glad he's still alive!
In regards to Christopher possibly getting whacked, did anyone else get an eerie feeling when he and Murmur were talking outside of their meeting, and in the background was a clear shot of a biker looking man (a viper??) and I swear that you could hear motorcyclyes in the background as well.

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