Re: Episode Review and General Comments

ok. not that everyone didn't notice it but .... 3 o'clock!

the wine symbolizes blood? (and Tony's bloodlust -has it lost its 'pop?' )

people counting the godfather references: Tony and Nica - especially when he came on like a monster with his funny face

Ade's mother pointing out that Meadow is still alive makes me nervous.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

"You're doing a heckuva job Brownie"

There was a LOT of emphasis on family in this episode, how all the different family lessons coalesce is unclear to me at this point, but I'll be thinking about it.

For everyone who is afraid Chase has lost his direction and is throwing too much filler at us, I think its pretty clear from this episode that Chase knows exactly what he is doing.

We meet Chris' wife for the very first time in this episode, an introduction which is followed 15 minutes later in screen time by their off-screen wedding.

We don't know anything about the wife or Chris' relationship with her because she is only important to Chase's story in so much as she helps to explain Chris' behavior and actions. Chase is ON IT, you can tell from the choices made in this episode.

More in depth analysis to follow, but I think the most telling aspect of this show was the close bond between Chris and Tony after the wine hijacking. They say they love each other, and appear to have the sort of father/son relationship that Tony and AJ do not. However, in Tony's basement it becomes abundantly clear that their "love" for each other can't even support small conversation unless that conversation involves their criminal enterprise. Interesting.

I was VERY glad to see a Christopher oriented episode, I'd been feeling that his character was being ignored lately.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I don't know.. with each new episode the past few weeks I'm starting to feel like this season doesn't really have any direction. The past few seasons especially have had an underlying plot (or more than one) throughout the entire season.. with this season the only one I can clearly see is Vito's and it's nowhere near as compelling as other ones..

With three episodes left, I thought things would have a more defined direction by now. I have a feeling the big stuff will be left for the 'extra 8'.


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