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Re: Vito and Finn

DarngoodCoffee wrote:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr>NO! Finn did NOT tell Meadow. That's one of the MAJOR plot points at play right now, in my opinion. <hr></blockquote>

Are you sure? I can recall the scene where Meadow and Finn argued in the apartment with the broken air conditioner. I just don't recall if Finn actually said he caught Vito in the act or merely implied to Meadow that he was gay.

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Re: Vito and Finn

I'm pretty sure he started to imply it, and Meadow quickly shut him down before he ever actually told her exactly what he had seen -- I may need to go back and revisit that episode, I hope the "Sopranos Countdown" is still available on HBO on demand.


Re: Vito and Finn

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>NO! Finn did NOT tell Meadow. That's one of the MAJOR plot points at play right now, in my opinion.<hr></blockquote>

He DID tell her. In the "Unidentified Black Males" episode. The conversation went like this:

Finn: He came on to me, all right? Either that or he wants to kill me.

Meadow: What!?

Finn: I saw him blowing some securtity guard in the parking lot.

Meadow: When!? What are you talking about?

Finn: This morning. I showed up early, I didn't want to say anything but... I'm really afriad of this guy.

Meadow: Vito Spatafore is a married man, Finn. I seriously doubt he wants to kill you.

Finn: Well maybe he wants to fuck me and then kill me.

Then Meadow notices the suitcase and all hell breaks loose. They stop talking about Vito and start talking about their relationship for hours and hours.

I think Meadow, at least in that scene, thinks that the Vito being gay thing is something Finn makes up to get away from her. She says:

Why dont you just admit it. This whole thing, the fight, this stuff with Vito, is just about you not wanting to commit.

"The fight" that she mentions is probably the fight between Gene and Little Paulie that Finn saw earlier and that scared him.

Meadow is really naive in some ways. She thinks all the mob guys are just nice people. She doesn't seem to be able to think that they are capable of violence. Earlier in the episode when Finn brings up the fight, her reply is:

Eugene Pontecorvo?? He's so sweet

And you can tell she doesn't believe what Finn is saying. She also says that she didn't see one bit of violence when she grew up. When Finn brings up Jackie Jr, she says that he was killed by (black) drug dealers and implies that it didn't have anything to do with her "dad's friends". And now in "Mayham" she tells Finn that Vito is harmless. Ironic cosidering it was Vito who killed Jackie Jr.

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