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garthman, I can see where you're coming from. At the same time, the most important thing I want to see from Tony in all future episodes is that he is finding his Inner Finnerty. So I'm more interested in his psycho-spiritual recovery than his physical recovery. If, to focus on the former, they decide to skip ahead over most of the latter, I'm not going to complain. Yet I trust they will do so in a fashion that is true to the realism of the series.

One thing you might want to consider is that, given the nature of Tony's coma experience, Tony could be the beneficiary of a "miracle" recovery. These things do happen. There are people who doctors give little if any hope to live or overcome a particular condition who do so anyway, sometimes rather suddenly, confounding medical science. And if spiritual transformation is what Chase has in mind for the character, the miracle recovery is a realistic vehicle to catalyze it. So we'll see how much crow Tony's doctors are eating in the next ep, how little they can offer to explain his turnaround. Or perhaps they'll fall back on the uncertainty of their previous, dire predictions, making it clear that, while not likely, he simply beat the odds. The season opens with ample evidence that Tony is indeed "lucky".


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Just as a note, I actually think thus far it is looking realistic. I'll have to see how they work it next week, but what was happening at the end of ep. 3 was very much as I recall the experience when my best friend came out of his coma. He was in one for a week, woke up disoriented and took several days to regain a sense of place and time. Just as Tony, he could not speak at first, was only allowed ice chips, had to have his lips treated with vasaline, etc. He stayed in the hospital another five weeks before being released from the hospital and his recovery continued to the point where it is almost as if it never happened (physically, a great thing - mentally, not so much as he obviously learned nothing from the experience.)


Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

Those are all good points. I also, Fly, am more interested in how Tony changes his life (or his inner-spiritual change) in the aftermath of his time spent in purgatory. I just wish (and who knows maybe they will mend everything with a couple sentences in the next episode) they wouldn't have led the viewers to believe it was as life-threatening and horrible, because it turned out to be solved fairly quickly and in my opinion anticlimacticly.


'Out of the woods'/Eli scene similarity....

I was wondering if the connection has been made yet regarding the similarity of the scene in "Members Only" where Eli's wife if feeding him ice chips to keep him hydrated and to sooth his sore lips whilst he had hospital apparatus in his mouth, and of Carmela, in "Mayham", feeding Tony ice chips and soothing his sore lips right at the end of the show, in what is a beautifully touching and somewhat intimate moment of love, scored (or sourced) beautifully to "Over The Rainbow" and causing Carmela to state how what is important are "the little/simple things"

No doubt this is more than a mere coincidence - Perhaps it was simply to demonstrate a display of unquestionable, sincere love and devotion as with Tony, in the short-term being somewhat of an invalid, Carmela is tending to his every need - no matter how intricate and seemingly small...indeed the 'little things'

I also made the connection (although at this point I am not raeading too much into it) of Elliot's "Over the Rainbow?" query in a prior episode where Melfi was discussing her dream where she stumbles across a Tony car-crash.

Then, Melfi corrected him and informs the song running throughout her dream was "Out of the woods", 'woods' no doubt being somewhat symbolic of 'danger/trouble'.

On Vito and Paulie coming to Carmela with 'her cut' upon Tony awakening from his coma, she declares "we are not OUT OF THE WOODS" yet, interesting when thought of in the context of Melfi's dream and Melfi's own psycho-analysis/interpretation of it.

Also, and perhaps this is far fetched (i'm actually loving how alot of us here are now openly stating that some of our theories may be 'far-fetched'! We have all reached the 'Paralysis of Analysis' stage as one of my Lecturers when i was at Uni used to call it!) - well perhaps this is far fetched, but Meadow/ComaMeadow's crys to Tony NOT to enter the Inn, these too came from "OUT OF THE WOODS".

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