Tony weight loss

If Tony will be in for an extended hospital stay would you not think he will lose weight. I'm not talking 50 pounds but 15 to 20 pounds would be realistic. In the first esp. he weighs himself just wondering if this was by design.


Re: Tony weight loss

I would think he would lose some weight. I can't imagine he'll be eating normally any time soon. He's sedentary while in the coma, but the coma itself might introduce other metabolic factors.

Consider also that Tony suffered tremendous damage to his pancreas, so I assume that means he will be on hefty insulin injections for life and will require a much more regulated, less impulsive way of eating.

It also provides a vehicle for a whole other physical cause of crazy behavior via hypoglycemia. Don't know if they'll go that route when they still have panic attacks (especially since Tony discontinued his Prozac).

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