Re: Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IM

It did feel more like a middle episode than an opener, but I liked that. Perhaps the least self-conscious season opener for the series. I loved how needy T acted for Melfi; he really is just a big baby. And in the end - he's back home with Carm.
Loved the line about (paraphrasing here) "if the right people see Furio, he's dead."
Also - speaking of big - Tony's certainly put on some weight, eh?


Just saw it...

I've just seen "Two Tony's" and I have to say that I liked the episode a lot. There were no big surprises for me because I've read most of the news-articles. The biggest surprise for me was probably the introduction of Feech. It was almost like he'd always been on the show. Gotta give credit to mr. Loggia, he's clearly having fun playing this character. I've seen him play a lot of characters like this though.

All in all the episode was a great premiere, a lot of setting up of future storylines and some character development. I thought that the Tony-Melfi-relatioship would get too repetitive, but they managed to really improve the whole thing. There's probably a lot more to say about this episode, but I'm too lazy to write more. I'll give this episode A-.




I absolutely agree--we're going to see Tony rage against someone...just don't know who that'll be yet. The bear, Chris, Paulie, AJ, Melfi, Johnny...but someone's going to be on the receiving end.



Forgedda boudit

I thought that it was kinda Wierd seeing the newspaper at the end of the driveway.Wasnt the same not seein Tony walk down and get his star ledger, like every episode before that.
Sybolistic of what the future holds for him i think.Not sure if I like the whole Break - up thing with him and carmella either.

Otherwise it was a really good episode liked the Waiter thing. The bear which is also very symbolistic, liked the fact that fishlips lupartazzi is on his way out and the son and johnny boy will no doubt be at war over control of that side of things.Definately makes things interesting.

I think that If tony was smart he would do everything he can to patch up things with carmella instead of wasting his energy with Melfi, this way he can concentrate on business instead of getting sidetracted with Melfi. Hes starting to loose site of whats important business wise because he is so unstable with his family at home. Hes a much better Gangster when things at home are stable.

Of course this is just my opinion...Whadda I know?<img src= ALT=":hat">



I don't think that there's an FBI bug in any place like the Bada Bing, Satriale's, or Vesuvio's. They mention that they sweep the place for bugs every couple weeks (we've seen it in "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti" and heard about it in "The Weight"). What a deus ex machina it would be if the FBI suddenly revealed that they had a bug in there. For all we know right now, their only real lead is Adriana.


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