Episode 5.01 - Review and General Comments

I loved it. The wait was well worth it. You can totally tell that this is going to be a great season. Especially telling was the meeting between Feech, Tony and Junior. Bobby has moved up and the way Janice acted was classic. There was way too much melfi but hopefully this wont go on too much longer. Something that we may have overlooked is the struggle that might occur from Junior and Tony. It seems that Junior is still under house arrest so Tony is definitly still the man in charge for now. Adrianna was quite inquisitive and Ray was a non entity at that dinner...should be interesting with the Rat informants. When carmela came on the screen we had 15 people over and all that was to be heard was a chorus of boos. Also I love the fact that it seems Benny is going to be getting more screen time.

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Re: Whadya think?

It appears to be a great start to the new season. It appears that it will be a busy season story wise. This is the most conflicted I have ever seen Tony, as he deals with emotional turmoil caused by his break-up with Carmela and now also being rejected by Melfi. It will only be a matter of time until Tony is at his breaking point and we see all of Tony's demons surface and exact a toll on all those in his life.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/devil.gif ALT=":evil">


Re: Whadya think?

another amazing first episode....plenty of foreshadowing...feech is old and angry (ala richie)...you have to wonder if chris and paulie can truly bury the hatchet...adrianna was inquisitive about chris' outings...all that and more..

plus you gotta love it when (1) Janice is frantically cooking dinner and loses her ring and (2) when Chris and Paulie joke about the Russian. Chrissy says something like "that Russian was out there in his pajamas in f---ing 8 degree snow"...hilarious

and oh yeah...little carmine is whipped

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Did anyone think it was weird that the first person he went to was Carmella after Melfi told him about how she didn't appreciate his values... And we've never seen Carmela say anything bad about tony's values or anything aside from his 'whores'. Personally i think it will concentrate on tony trying to get Carm back....What does everyone else think?

I was glad to see Benny getting more air time too



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I think this entire season will focus on Tony as he strengthens his two families and we will see how his relationships in each family has a parallel relationship and how these relationships have a direct bearing on the other relationship within Tony's "other" family. The screw up at home is AJ, the screw up in the crew is Christopher. The person who resents their stature and wants more is Janice, and the same holds true for Paulie. The parallels are endless.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/devil.gif ALT=":evil">

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Yeah yeah yeah, I think after all this time, it could have been a little more exciting. Sure there is a lot set up, every season sets up...

Im disappointed. But optimistic for the future.



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