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Anyway, did anyone think that maybe carm was second guessing her decision of taking Tony Back when she saw angie looking great, and doing well with the hot new vette? AND SHE DIDNT EVEN LEASE IT! LOL Carm maybe thinking wow, she did it on her own, and i quit and took Tony Back.

Gene hanging himself. So was there really an inheritance or was it some sort of package from the feds? That wasnt clear for me.

And yes the episode was faboulous, glad i resisted the temptation and didnt read any spoilers.

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Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

I guess Gene couldn't handle the pressure.

But I didn't think Tony was going to honor his request. I think once you're "made" and you're in that life, there's no going back...

I see Carmela is still materialistic as ever.

I KNEW they were going to address Joe Gannascoli's dramatic weight loss. He's lost over 100 pounds in real life, so I figured that Chase would reference it with the Vito character. He's a little "light in the pants now" wouldn't you say??? <img src= ALT=":rollin">

I wonder if he enjoyed that hot dog.

As for Uncle Junior...I think a strong case can now be made about him being placed in assisted living.


Re:kitchen scene

OK - Amazing episode. Only one complaint. Wasn't crazy about the Melfi scene (and those are usually among my fave scenes)

And, WHAT was going on with the kitchen scene and the camera cut aways? (when Tony & Carm talking about dinner) so there's a mic in the flowers? (so what? Tony already is careful not to talk in main part of the house)
So what was it? It started to scare me! (like maybe there were two ghosts sitting at the chairs (I don't really think this, I don't think so. but the scene did seem to have a special Sopranos 'supernatural' feel to it)

The Angie scenes were intriguing. I can't wait to learn where that story is going...

Does anyone know what movie Uncle Jr. was watching?

They did a great job making audience care about Eugene (considering we didn't really know him before)

ok, now I'm going to rewatch.

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