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I did not want to discuss certain aspects of the film in the review thread, but I do think we might wish to look at some of the more spoilery items so here is the place to do that. And first and foremost HAS to be this...

1.) So it was Junior that ordered the hit on Dickie??!! And over a slight? Do we assume that Dickie was a Made man and if so, Junior violated his orders? Even if not a Made guy, Junior really hates a slight! It does fit in with his personality as we know him later, but wow! I was not expecting that! At least we now know that it really was TV trays Dickie was carrying when he was killed.

2.) Another is just a confusing thing to me. I have only seen the film once so perhaps I missed something, but I thought I saw Dickie order the hit on Willie Overall. I thought that was supposed to be Tony's first hit but here it is done by Harold McBrayer. [OK...I've just checked IMDB and the character is named Leon Overall that is killed by Harold. Still, a little confusing.]

3.) Lastly, I just wanted to speak a few more words on the Dickie Moltisanti we see here and could not do so without truly spoiling it for those that did not see the film yet. By my figuring, his death count is at least four or five. He kills his own father, kills his father's widow that becomes his comare, kills the aforementioned Leon Overall, or at least orders him killed, and then one or two during the attempted hit on him by McBrayer later in the film. Did I miss any?

While none of us would disagree that we saw Tony do some truly reprehensible things during the long run of The Sopranos (most especially killing Christopher) I'm not sure any of his equal the above track record. So maybe Dickie was not the junkie he was made out to be but much, much worse!! Still, how would Tony know outside of the stories he heard about him? And how would he hear about Dickie killing his father or comare? Unasnwered questions, indeed!

EDIT: Some might wish to visit this brief thread from 2011 about Dickie Moltisanti - viewtopic.php?f=45&t=2646
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