When the show took sharp turn

I watched every Sopranos season many times and have first 4 seasons on DVD. And I think for the first 3 seasons The Sopranos was just a very good quality, straight up mafia series and it was interesting, honest and pretty much straightforward show. But then it all changed with the season 4 and all the weirdness, dreams, meanings and all that bullshit began. I'm not saying a hate 4th season like many do, I actually liked it a lot.
But show took a massive turn and started with more complicated, deep, weird and creepy approach ever since, giving you a lot of food for thought instead of just being intriguing and entertaining. Esecially you can see it in season 5 when it all took in full effect IMHO. When I first seen DVD boxset cover for season 5, I couldn't belive my eyes that they went with that creepy picture and without even seeing the season I knew something was wrong right then. Again I'm not saying it's bad that show changed so much all of the sudden, but it's kinda weird that it went from straight up to unusually complicated, mystical approach for this kind of show. And I keep wondering what made them to do that? What's your thoughts?
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