JFK and conspiracy theories?

Just trying to start a snowball rolling down the hill with anyone's observances of JFK assasination and parallels to the series. Could just be coincidental but could be something much more.

-Obviously we have the Kennedy & Heidi episode. But in that, we remember Tony's remark when Kelly enters Chrissy's funeral. He makes a comment like "whoa, check out Jackie Kennedy". She did look pretty good though, for a funeral at least.

-We have the Camelot episode with Johnny Boys goomata. Kennedy's family home being called Camelot.

-Wasn't Uncle Jun rambling about JFK after he shot Tony? I remember it sparingly, and also a funny scene when one of the detectives questioning Carmella about it. Abridged - "Mr. Soprano mentioned something about JFK." Carmella, "My husband was 3 years old at the time."

-We also have Uncle Jun's obsession with his Oncologist, Dr. Kennedy. Waxing poetic about how much the name Kennedy meant to him. Also his distrust for the Indian replacement doctor. Great scene with Furio and Tony meeting the Dr. Kennedy on the golf course.

Any more that any one else caught? I'm sure there are countless I forgot.

Significance? Maybe it was Chase's desire to start conspiracy theories about what happened to Tony in the final episode a la the thousands of conspiracies surrounding JFK. Maybe that was Chase's desire in that he wanted the discussion and the intrigue with the series "to go on and on and on and on. Don't stop believin." Just like the JFK conspiracies.

Some of the best threads on this forum pertain to the last episode and the conspiracies surrounding it. Who killed Tony? Who ordered the hit? One of the most intriguing I found was one pointing the finger at Patsy Parisi. Cue the tinglings down the back of your neck. Recall Lee Harvey Oswald being led away with handcuffs "I'm just a Patsy!"

Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

To be honest, I don't think the Kennedy references are for a singular effort like suggesting conspiracies and has much more to do with a likening to the so called Kennedy mystique that was the supposed Camelot and what was to be a new awakening in America at the time of his election. Junior and the mob of those days were a part of that even if JFK and certainly his brother Bobby did not accept them once in power. But the more important aspect deals with a supposed "time gone by." Think of Patsy Parisi talking about how the neighborhood had changed or the tour bus in Little Italy at the end of the show. Tony talked of how time had passed him by and the mob was different than what it had been in his father's day. Consider Junior's illogical reverence of Kennedy the Dr just because of his name and then Tony's shattered illusion after he meets his father's mistress (who supposedly slept with Kennedy) in an episode titled In Camelot. It's not conspiracies that Kennedy is meant to invoke but rather a supposed glorious time lost to history when in fact it was not so glorious when looking at the actual facts. Larger context and all that.
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Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

There are dozens of Kennedy family references throughout the series. Just last night, I was watching "Kaisha," when Bobby comes to visit Junior. And Junior says something like, "maybe I didn't act alone."

Livia makes a "Rose Kennedy" reference in "Bust Out," I think.

I think even in the last episode, when Tony goes to visit Junior one last time, he informs Junior that Bobby's dead and Junior says, "Ambassador Hotel."

Those are just a few. Plenty more to be found, just like the Lincoln references.

Of course, they both got shot back in the head, but that would have nothing at all to do with The Sopranos.
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Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

Yes there are several Kennedy references throughout and there are likely at least a few reasons for their inclusion - Sometimes a specific reason, other times a combination of reasons may be at play, adding depth and shadings of various things Chase was trying to convey.
Among them was to support the idea that Tony may likely have been shot in the side or back of his head at Holsten's. Another may have been to create conspiracy theories and promote thought, analysis and discussion.
And, as in the case of JFK, the indisputable and entire truth behind what occurred will likely never be established. But it's all still worth the exercise.

Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

I went ahead and tried to capture as many JFK references as I could find. Heres a list.....


-When Junior says Pussy Malanga is prank calling his house Tony says they will get FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to investigate.
-Policemen tell Carmela they have to ask her about Tony's knowledge of the John Kennedy Assassination, after Junior mentioned some details about it to them.
-Junior references the JFK assassination to Bobby Bacala when he says he "didn't act alone" in the shooting of Tony.
-When Janice tells Junior that Bobby is dead. He just says, "Ambassador Hotel", thinking she is referring to the 1968 assassination of Bobby Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
-Tony's ownership of John F. Kennedy's sailing hat, that he keeps on his boat The Stugots, is established in this episode. He later shows it off on the season five episode "In Camelot”.
-Being questioned while under arrest, Junior jokes to his interrogator that he would like to have sex with Angie Dickinson. This is a reference to the actress who was reputed to have had an affair with JFK, with whom Junior is obsessed.
-Livia references Rose Kennedy, wealthy matriarch of the Kennedy family.
-In reality, Dr. John Kennedy delivers news to Tony Soprano and the other mob associates that Uncle Junior will be fine and that they have removed all of the tumor that they could find. However, on a later doctor's visit, Dr. Kennedy informs Junior and Bobby Baccalierithat they have found more malignant cells and would once again like to perform surgery. Uncle Junior agrees, since he puts his full confidence in Dr. Kennedy. However, Tony disagrees: he believes that Uncle Junior is more fascinated that his doctor happens to have the same name as President John F. Kennedy
-Silvio warns Tony that Ralph is the type to pull a "Jack Ruby" on you, referring to the sneak-attacking shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald.
-Lee Harvey Oswald shoots at Tony from an apartment building window, when Tony is running from the angry mob. This is in keeping with his Kennedy interest.
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Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

During the sitdown with New York after Billy's death Johnny sack says "The lone gunman theory" as a answer when Tony said that his cousin acted alone. The "Lone gunman theory" is one of the interpretations of the JFK shooting.
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Re: JFK and conspiracy theories?

I believe the biggest reason that David Chase made references to JFK was because he was part of arguably one of the most powerful dynasty in American history, yet the only one of the Kennedy family to actually be the leader of the free world, meaning that JFK is the most famous member of the family, after his Father laid the groundwork. This is similar to how the DiMeo (Soprano) family holds great power and privilege, and how Junior and Johnny helped get the Soprano family part of the Mafia, and later Tony is the most famous in the group. As Henry Hill said in Goodfellas, "To me, it [being a gangster] meant being somebody in a neighborhood that was full of nobodies. They weren't like anybody else. I mean, they did whatever they wanted. They double-parked in front of a hydrant and nobody ever gave them a ticket. In the summer when they played cards all night, nobody ever called the cops." This could be a stretch, but the fact that both Junior and Tony have a fascination with JFK could be another symbol of their power struggle. Also keep in mind the famous Kennedy curse: JFK's sister Rosemary undergoes a lobotomy and is institutionalized for the better part of a century, his brother Joe Jr was killed during WWII, his other sister Kathleen dies in a plane crash with her husband, JFK himself and RFK are both shot, etc. Similar to what happens especially in the 6th season. Several of his crew members such as Bobby and Silvio are shot, A.J. attempts suicide, Junior suffers from severe dementia, Christopher is killed (by Tony), and Tony most likely dies that evening at Holsten's Diner.
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