FlyOnMelfisWall and Alen S

When I stumbled upon your comments, I thought I had accidentally clicked onto my Eckhart Tolle group on Facebook.

Thank you both for the uplifting, informative (and informed!), and engaging convo.

Salud, cugini.


FlyOnMelfisWall what you say in one paragraph (sometimes) transcends so much else that is conveyed by 25-Page Essays or Analyses, so you have said so much in so many ways that I can’t thank you enough for [last time however, I promise :icon_wink:].

But I am grateful so very much - not just because this is an Excellent Discussion Forum for a Truly Excellent Work (Even “Excellent” is an understatement, for both) - but also because of the fact that:

My ideas of Portals being Opened & the idea of Higher Dimensions within parallel universes, as well as we humans as future “God” are now in my mind’s view & consciousness.

This is a True Revelation for me at a time I so desperately needed, just as you [FlyOnMelfisWall] were so grateful when you were dealing with conflicts over the past few months, and especially the past few weeks, and which finally culminated at the very exact time - in a coincidence of fates - when Part I Highly Evolved Beings became available on this Discussion Forum about a “mafia tv show.”

And so, you have helped me in my personal life as well, just as that post above helped your conflicts in whichever way that it did. And so goes on and on our Blue Comet in the Universe.
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Clemenza, Thank You so very much for that.

I have also enjoyed reading your only other post here on our beloved TheChaseLounge.Net

That other Post was also very short. Like this one. And BOTH spoke volumes of connections and truth for me. I cannot Thank You Enough, Clemenza.

I do not know you at all, or how you stumbled onto the topic thread, in which case only Myself and FlyOnMelfisWall have been a part of in terms of discussion and comments, or replies. And now you are here too somehow with a very important & significant post, I must say.

The Connections just simply do not stop here ever on this Discussion Forum or Website.

I didn’t know if I should’ve stated this before [E.g. THIS WHOLE POST THAT YOU ARE NOW READING and are (hopefully) ABOUT TO READ] or How to state it, particularly being challenging for me to do so because:
1. A lot of it is Personal (Through Family) and
2. I didn’t figure people would want to hear or read about my (teenager) years & my Father, AS WELL AS some parts of my own Research about this whole topic.
3. And some additional (important) Revelations.

But you have opened up a Golden Opportunity for me, Clemenza, in such a way that I don’t come off as being “too forward” in My Main Topic Post [e.g. without me having to write any of this in Part I or Part II, or essentially in any section/part of My Main Topic Post).

One of the reasons that I got inspired for this Revelation is by stumbling upon a Wikipedia page about Eckhart Tolle.

This is a man who has been influenced by many different types of Spiritual Works, especially after going through extreme bouts of Major Depression followed by healing of some kind.

He is considered the World's Current Leader in Spiritual [Awakenings] and the like. His novels are commonly referred to as "self-help" books.

I would NOT put his novels - which document True Spiritual Awakening - into this Category of "self-help" books. His novels are Much More Important than - that narrow and limited Category.

He is very prominent in teaching through his novels that MATERIAL POSSESSIONS should be cast aside, to a degree, for Deep Connections with Ourselves and with Others.

How/why did I stumble upon Eckhart Tolle and thus his Wikipedia page?

Because my Father mentioned to me when I was younger that, during his meditation routine one time or another, he himself experienced an Out-of-Body experience into different dimension(s). And I remembered that Discussion with him into my adult life.

His meditation and Out-of-Body that ultimately resulted was due to his beliefs and involvement in a [Spiritual-Journey/Soul-Travel/Past-lives] teaching organization named Ecknakar. My original intention was to search for Ecknakar, which I did ultimately of course.

But along the way - When I typed in Ecknakar to research the Spiritual Group [ultimately to Have & Understand more material for my posts, and also out of curiosity of course], the SIMILAR-SOUNDING NAME Eckhart also showed up, mainly because of
1. The somewhat similar names, and
2. The Spiritual Foundation or Connection As Well.

[Clemenza's post above:
"FlyOnMelfisWall and Alen S

When I stumbled upon your comments, I thought I had accidentally clicked onto my Eckhart Tolle group on Facebook.

Thank you both for the uplifting, informative (and informed!), and engaging convo.

Salud, cugini."]

Also, for those of you who have Read all of the Posts above - I HAVE ALREADY ALLUDED TO THE Spiritual Group Ecknakar in my very first post. I did this indirectly. I didn't know if I would even have a chance to discuss it here without being "too forward," but I truly received a golden opportunity that I simply cannot thank Clemenza enough for. I alluded to Ecknakar Indirectly, and those of you who were either [curious and researched] or [wanted to verify] - my statements - probably know this already.

I stated (weeks ago in that [very first] Post) the Following:

"However, there is no direct evidence to show spiritual journey into different dimensions through soul travel except for written/oral accounts, in which case you must trust the word of the speaker/writer."

In the very last sentence immediately PRECEDING the above statement, I HAVE SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED Harkld Klemp to be one of the most recent writers on Earth that has documented his [Spiritual-Journey/Past-Lives/Soul-Travel] Experiences in the forms of novels and writings and teachings.

I have mentioned Harkld Klemp in my very initial post, and he is INDEED, the very person who my Father so much (Rightfully) adores - even to have a picture of him in his car, even currently to this day.

Harold Klemp has been to my Father, who David Chase has been to me.

And my friends and family have gotten even a little bit worried of my Unconditional Love for David Chase and My Unconditional Love for Everything that he ultimately represents - and the way in which he represents it.

I EVEN WROTE to FlyOnMelfisWall in a PRIVATE MESSAGE weeks ago that - my Father is the one who introduced me to the very idea of Soul Travel in the first place, years ago.

Harold Klemp is known divinely of course as “Sri Harold Klemp,” which gives him an appropriate Title of a Spiritual Guide to all that would accept his Love.

Paul Twitchell is the Founder of Ecknakar.

If you look up Ecknakar, on Google for example, or anywhere else for that matter, one of the very first statements about The Spiritual Group is “Cult.”

I have never practiced Ecknakar, yet I find it difficult to accept in my mind - a Group which focuses only on Love and nothing else - to be anything of the sort of that very disgusting word above with which it has been associated with.

My very close friends from home have used the word “cult - like” to refer to the very First Reply written by FlyOnMelfisWall, to my entire thread. I did not understand or comprehend how they could have used such a vile, derogatory, and disgusting word - to the application of one of the truest Spiritual awakenings that I have seen written out with so much Deep meaning & in such Real details by someone only with the highest intelligence such as FlyOnMelfisWall.

I was so very fed up with them treating me as if I’m a child and trying to explain to me that it’s “just a tv show,” as if I don’t understand what a “tv show is,” as if I am an 8 year-old child who somehow managed to end up in Medical School and yet does not understand the Meaningful and very intelligent differences in every aspect of every episode - between “just a tv show” and something else - that I fired back at them the next day with this statement:

“I have just read what she publicly replied to my 'Our Evolution' post during my lunch break.

I have never seen her write in that way. That is because my post (parts I - V total) had a lot to do with spirituality in the first place.

In fact, that was the very point of my post.

Also keep in mind that her writing is very hard to grasp. I usually have to look up every other word when I read her writing.

And what she wrote was in fact very beautiful. That she had multiple spiritual transformations of sorts, and that - the series as well as [it] aka [PART I HIGHLY EVOLVED BEINGS] helped her to get through, at a moment of the most amazing coincidence & (in some aspects) importance, through some kind of conflicts in her life.

If that is “cult like” then I guess reading it within 5 seconds and giving it a premature diagnosis is how we should live our lives (emphasis added).

And I am very humbly & deeply proud of that fact.

And I will not hide it.

I hardly even talked about the sopranos in there. Hardly at all. I was talking about higher learning. Not a tv show. I clearly even state in there that it’s very bad how people go to work and come home and just watch tv nowadays.

No one is forcing anyone to accept my theory. I clearly state that in my post.

It is a theory just like the theory of relativity was just a theory.

But do not worry, I will not be sending you - my true friends - anything that is deeply meaningful to me anymore (because this will likely be my last post for a very very long time anyway, as I have already conveyed mostly everything that I wanted to).

My other friends that I lived with in Medical School at the time [I go on to state a few names, with whom they are also familiar with] absolutely loved the post.”

I understood of course, why they started to get worried about me. Because of my always talking about a tv show.

So I understood that their worries for me were coming from a good place of heart and only for their caring about me and my own well-being.

After I sent that above message to them - nothing but hearts, smiles, & good energy - filled the rest of our discussions since.

What I provided above to all of you in this post was very Deep/Meaningful and it will be hard for me to Follow-Up on for the remainder of this post.

But it is my every intention to do so.

Thank You Clemenza, for which you have posted a Reply to both (Myself & FlyOnMelfisWall) that seems so innocent in nature (in terms of coincidence and connections), but one in which has opened a Whole Floodgate of information that is actually So Crucial in Understanding this whole Topic Discussion/Topic Thread:

1. Information regarding Background Research that I have done prior to Posting this whole Our Evolution Discussion (Our Next Step in Evolution through Spiritual Means, that is).

2. My Past (Teenager) experiences of Discussions with my Father, which was the first time I was introduced to the idea of all of this [Spirituality] business, and have kept it a memory to make sure that I Research when the Time is right for me to Understand.

3. About the Truth of Spiritual Eternal Existence vs. the Perceived notion (False belief of many) of the Physical Temporary Existence as being the only one that exists. And which FlyOnMelfisWall has alluded to in her first Reply to me above, where The Western World Especially (aka America) is so hung up ONLY on Material Possessions & the like that Most people believe that - [Our Current Fleeting & Very Transient Physical Bodies] - are the only True form of Life. And that after “Life” Ends, GOD decides your fate (every Religion etc. teach some form of this Final End aka this “RULE” or “PRINCIPLE” that GOD somehow decides whether you spend “Eternity” in Heaven or in “Hell,” etc.)

While it is VERY INDEED TRUE that Both of Our [Spiritual Eternal Existence] and Our Current [PHYSICAL TEMPORARY (NON-ETERNAL) EXISTENCE] are (both) VERY REAL & NECESSARY to find out what we are capable of and what we are really made of -

- essence, energy, consciousness, spirit, soul -

all synonyms signifying the very same theme of NON-PHYSICAL AND FORMLESS ENTITIES, in which case we ARE GOD.


This statement has been hinted to us by highly-intelligent & extremely humble human beings, who have obviously transcended our currently perceived 3rd-dimension, which was stated to be AN ILLUSION ANYWAY, BY ALBERT EINSTEIN HIMSELF in his famous work, The Theory Of Relativity.

Which is probably the Most Famous Work This World has Ever Known.

Now, I am not Forcing you or anyone to believe any of this [E.g. Our Evolution, our very next step in Evolution is towards achieving a Higher-Spiritual Awareness through our (Infinitely Connected) Souls ultimately]. It is completely your Life and your decision, based on your own Journey in life thus far. Nobody, neither me nor you, are “right” or “wrong.” And I believe VERY TRUTHFULLY & HUMBLY that I would not ever argue with any Religion or Person of Religion in my life, EVER. I have deep respect for such things. And I think to do so, in my view at least, is a character trait that shows that the person is extremely disrespectful of something that is in fact very meaningful in so many different aspects.

Yom kippur is a day that I treasure with all of my [heart and soul]. And will always do so - until I die. And Nobody ever can tell me - that it is “fake” because there is no God, as I have just stated above myself - That we are, in fact, all God.

It is still something that I treasure with my [mind heart & soul] and do not need to provide a “rational” explanation to anyone that does not understand.

I would not argue Even with Creatonists, who have a VERY limited notion in believing that everyone else who doesn’t apply their “WAY OF LIFE” or “IDEAS” - will end up going to Hell. I will not argue about such things. “VERY limited notion” is not an argument by me. It is simply a fact. Believing only their explanation and their way of life is true - and nobody else’s EVER, no matter what science says or what Highly Intelligent People try to hint to us. I do not know the circumstances of any person’s beliefs and therefore will never comment on it as being “Right” or “Wrong,” only as Limited.

And I do not care or concern myself with people that say I have just contradicted myself (yet again), this time between the use of the words “Limited” and that very disgusting word as well - “Wrong” about Life. If they believe that I have contradicted myself, they are free to do so.

In my [heart mind & soul] I believe what I believe and don’t force it upon others. And I do not need to explain myself in circumstances that I cannot explain with “rational thinking.”

Because Limited does not mean to me entirely, at least, that “reason with it rationally or not” is the Truest Measure.

Limited means to me - as being limited To What It will allow in for [the mind & heart & soul] to process.

And there are different forms of processing & energies inside each and every one of us. And we have a true counterpart to ourselves who we all have not met, as of yet.

A true love that transcends any form of female/male bonds or Romantic Love or Sexual.

Every soul has another identical or at least almost identical soul in the Universe. Twin Flame.

This is NOT “soul mates.”

Each soul that exists, exists as a pair of two. Kind of like breaking a coconut in two halves.

And the connection is absolutely indescribable. It transcends Everything we can possibly understand or know.

We must live separately in order to figure out the Universe and our own goals first.

But No matter who ascends higher (first), our Twin Flame will be revealed in time at some point or another.

Time is not the issue when - True Love beyond our perceptions or Understanding (currently here in our Limited 3D world) - is the concern.

I will only state why I trust this interpretation to be the one that I want to live my life by, and do not plan on forcing it upon anyone except just to put my views out there for the World to see. And this Discussion Forum is the Truest Intelligent Writing Platform for any and all to witness.

I will not argue with others who truly believe that Hell and Eternal Damnation exist.

I just state what I believe. And I do not force it.

I believe in it because My Father has experienced some aspects of it. And he has never spoken a word of exaggeration or plain old dishonesty that I have ever heard from his mouth directly or from accounts by other people - of his words.

FlyOnMelfisWall believes in (at least some aspects of it) because of her own Past (Very Challenging) Life and Spiritual Experiences that she alluded to (see her first Reply in this Topic Thread). And she has made [the most intelligent] articulations for us that I have ever witnessed in writing.

For example, that the [Connections of All Life As Part of One Consciousness, ONE Being, Ultimately], in which these ariculations are made in the Universe as well as in the The Sopranos, both articulated multiple times to us by FlyOnMelfisWall in her Essay and in other Posts as well, without a doubt.

It is very obvious that David Chase believes our eternal existences are essence or soul, Non-Physical and Formless. In fact, I am fairly certain that he had experienced for himself higher demensions with his soul.

I am fairly certain that 2001: A Space Odyssey is the actual Monolith for us in real life. And the Film points to what we need to do, In order to Evolve. That is my interpretation.

And David Chase’s work follows up on that theme for the next generation to view, understand, and follow. Because nobody in our society reads anymore.

And nobody would be interested in a show that didn’t have so much violence and interesting things etc.

And that in a way is represented - everyone here has come to know and Love Unconditionally for the ways that it made them feel, that they could never explain. Because that is what TRUE ART ultimately is. It evokes feelings, emotions, desires etc. that cannot be really described in ways by writing or saying what you FEEL.

This is also the type of example I was thinking of - in Clemenza’s other post - which was absolutely EXCELLENT. If it is Ok with Clemenza, whom I have never met before, but consider Cugini without a doubt, as I consider this Forum in ways as - my other family, even before I joined.

I would like to copy/paste Clemenza’s other post here:

"Sure there were characters who were 'annoying,' but what does that even mean, other than subjectively? Jeno/Gino/Proto-Vito was annoying to Chrissy when he was hassling the bakery malaka, and Tracy/proto-Pie-O-My was a huge annoyance for Tony.
In the spirit of the thread, Janice of course ..."

I loved reading that. So few words and YET so much truth/connections (and laughter!). I laugh at that last line every time :icon_lol:. If only I could write this whole post with fewer words and convey everything that I want to - that would be a true miracle.

The use of the word “proto-“ there somehow implies connections beyond our understanding between e.g. Tracee and Pie-O-My. Somehow stating that all beings are connected - no matter Man or Creature - with the Universe.

I would also like to post the following link in relation to 4.09 Whoever Did This, which is probably one of my favorite episodes (I say that about EVERY Episode, and every time I say it, it is somehow true): ... this-4-09/.

I would also like to post the following link regarding 1.08 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti in relation to the post by Clemenza above. Clemenza's post above was just Amazing, Hilarious, Intelligent, and So Much More Weaved into One. Here is the link in relation that was important for me in Understanding everything: ... anti-1-08/.

I would like to go back to 1.05 College, which is probably one of my favorite Episodes (I cannot talk about an Episode without using those words :icon_surprised:). Tony Soprano commits his very first (& heinous) murder for us to witness on the Series in this Episode, and he is with his daughter on a College Campus Tour (his first murder, however, that he has ever committed - is that of Willie 'Overalls' when Tony was 21-years-old, as all of us know, but that is revealed to us much later in the Series - in season 6 - as a flashback).

But in this Season 1 episode (1.05 College) - he sees the ducks flying up above (signifying his family) immediately after the murder takes place - and my heart skips a beat.

He picks up his daughter from one of the colleges she is touring - immediately after the murder takes place - and my heart skips a beat.

“My husband, I think he has committed Horrible acts,” is said to Father [Phil Intintola] the night before the murder takes place - and my heart skips a beat.

And this Episode has been named by critics, and also by a wide variety of different disciplines, to be truly unprecedented in all forms.

And I cannot explain it “Rationally.” I would also like to post the following link in relation to this Episode:

And there has been a detailed discussion about all of the above (plus 9/11) - about the relationship between 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Sopranos and 9/11 in

- My only Posts Ever written here in TheChaseLoung.Net. Really, my ONLY posts ever written about anything online or anywhere else at all, regarding The Sopranos or Evolution or ANYTHING ELSE, for that matter. In other words, I would not have written these posts without a true feeling (deep down) that they are so vitally important [for at least my own understanding] of all of this.

And so, Time & time again this Discussion Forum does not fail to disappoint - with the Universal Connections made throughout, even articulated from one very simple & short but Very THOUGHTFUL Comment/Reply stated by Clemenza. In other words, I do not believe that - any thought or belief or comment to be a waste, no matter how simple it may sound. In fact, the other post was packed full of action, comedy, intelligence, wit, deep understanding of connections on the series and the Universe; it was so packed of all of these things in so few words that I found it necessary to provide two links from just for more insights & understanding that I myself relied upon.

And just in General -----> I DO NOT KNOW, SO I DO NOT JUDGE. And I feel like if there is a God, which I don't doubt altogether (for example, beliefs could always change and I do not want to cement anything as permanent; also, my father very deeply believes in God even though he also believes and experienced Soul travel into higher dimensions for himself), God would not judge. We all possess Free Will and we are all God's children, and mistakes are meant to be made ----- How else will a person/being LEARN?

A “limited way” does not mean to me that anybody’s mind or energy is ultimately limited.

It just means I do not know, understand, or experience their circumstance(s). I truly do not know.

Limited is a very acceptable way of me of stating it (acceptable BY ME; I truly do not care nor will I ever care - if others don’t find “limited” to be an acceptable word to use).

But to state someone is “wrong” (about Life) is not acceptable for me. That would just make me wrong. Little children as early as 5 years old - when we are but a sponge and take in all of everything to learn from (love, passion, energy, hate, everything) - are being forced to kill others by terrorists themselves. If they grow up the same way, then I guess they have been limited to their opportunities in this life. They need true love from the Highly-evolved beings (aka God). We do not maintain the (current) evolutionary means nor the intelligence nor the essence to help them. We cannot transform them with our Love. Only others that have transcended beyond our 3D world, and probably after Light Years or Eons - up to maybe the 9D or 12D Universe. And it should be our every intention & desire to put killers and suspected ones and those doing any type of harm to others, away & very far from society. And that is the only paragraph that I will Ever feel “Right” in Life about.

Thank you Clemenza for ultimately laying out the best possible moment, foundation, and opportunity for us to go into so much detail. I truly do believe everything would have been “Too Forward,” as well as a little bit “too touchy/feely” and “too much off the topic of The Sopranos” for this Discussion Forum if this golden opportunity did not Arise.
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My Favorite YouTube Channel for the past year:

DNA ACTIVATION (associated/former: DNA AWAKENING).

Not forcing anyone to watch/listen to videos which I am posting:

Another YouTube Channel: PBS Spacetime:
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[Long Pause] I’ll say this: The [spiritual] question [that the final scene asks] is, to be really pretentious, what is time? How do we spend our really brief sojourn here? How do we behave, and what do we do? And the recognition that it’s over all too soon, and it very seldom happens the way we think. I think death very seldom comes to people the way they think it’s going to. And the spiritual question would be: “Is that all there is?”

- Chase, in a 2014 interview with The Daily Beast.
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1. Were you at all surprised by the reaction to the final episode?
DAVID CHASE: No. We knew there would be people who would be perplexed by it and shut their minds to it. This just felt like the right ending.

2. Did you expect people to be so pissed off?
We didn’t expect them to be that pissed for that long. It’s one thing to be deeply involved with a television show. It’s another to be so involved that all you do is sit on a couch and watch it. It seemed that those people were just looking for an excuse to be pissed off. There was a war going on that week and attempted terror attacks in London. But these people were talking about onion rings.

3. If you were expecting plot twists like Furio coming back from Italy to whack Tony and marry Carmela, were you obviously barking up the wrong tree?
There was so much more to say than could have been conveyed by an image of Tony facedown in a bowl of onion rings with a bullet in his head. Or, on the other side, taking over the New York mob.

The way I see it is that Tony Soprano had been people’s alter ego. They had gleefully watched him rob, kill, pillage, lie, and cheat. They had cheered him on. And then, all of a sudden, they wanted to see him punished for all that. They wanted ”justice.” They wanted to see his brains splattered on the wall. I thought that was disgusting, frankly. But these people have always wanted blood. Maybe they would have been happy if Tony had killed twelve other people. Or twenty-five people. Or, who knows, if he had blown up Penn Station. The pathetic thing — to me — was how much they wanted his blood, after cheering him on for eight years.

4. You know there were many people who thought the end was brilliant.
Sure. But I must say that even people who liked it misinterpreted it, to a certain extent. This wasn’t really about ”leaving the door open.” There was nothing definite about what happened, but there was a clean trend on view — a definite sense of what Tony and Carmela’s future looks like. Whether it happened that night or some other night doesn’t really matter.

5. Have you heard the elaborate theories about what really happened? Like the one that says you were re-creating The Last Supper?
The interesting thing is that, if you’re creative, there may be things at work that you’re not even aware of: things you learned in school, patterns you’ve internalized. I had no intention of using The Last Supper, but who knows if, subconsciously, it just came out. If people want to sit there figuring this stuff out, I think that’s just great. Most of them, most of us, should have done this kind of thing in high school English class and didn’t.

[I Personally Love this answer above by David Chase.]

6. Are they wasting their time? Is there a puzzle to be solved?
There are no esoteric clues in there. No Da Vinci Code. Everything that pertains to that episode was in that episode. And it was in the episode before that and the one before that and seasons before this one and so on. There had been indications of what the end is like. Remember when Jerry Toricano was killed? Silvio was not aware that the gun had been fired until after Jerry was on his way down to the floor. That’s the way things happen: It’s already going on by the time you even notice it.

7. Are you saying…?
I’m not saying anything. And I’m not trying to be coy. It’s just that I think that to explain it would diminish it.

- Entire excerpt above taken from a different Interview with David Chase (with Entertainment Weekly), which was conducted a few months (4 months, to be exact) after the Finale of The Sopranos, "Made In America," first aired (in the year 2007).
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I would like to state the following points, which I feel are Extremely Significant:

1. The intelligence of David Chase is simply Ungraspable and Immeasurable (not by my standards, but by everyone’s).

2. The Sopranos is NOT my Favorite Show/Series, despite what others may think.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey is NOT my Favorite Movie/Film, despite what others may think.

4. In the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick turned to Carl Sagan for advice about the Universe.

5. Carl Sagan & Neil deGrasse Tyson have been MORE of an inspiration in my Life than David Chase has been.

6. My Favorite Show/Series is one that also aired on HBO (as well as National Geographic at first, in 2014). The Title of that Show/Series is Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. It was hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences awarded Tyson The Public Welfare Medal in 2015 for his "extraordinary role in exciting the public about the wonders of science." Carl Sagan hosted a Show/Series in 1980 Titled Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The initial Title of the Movie/Film that Stanley Kubrick Created [2001: A Space Odyssey] was to contain the term "Voyage" in it. However, Kubrick ultimately changed his mind, and the Title of the Film ended up Containing the term "Odyssey." This is also somehow related to Homer's "Odyssey" (however, the amount of Deep/Meaningful Research is Currently too much for me to handle, and I will just leave that last statement at that for now). The Film/Movie [2001: A Space Odyssey] was Created in 1968, which was before Carl Sagan & Neil deGrasse Tyson hosted their Respective Series/Shows, which were created years later. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, was Created in 1980. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, was Created in 2014. THIS OBVIOUSLY MEANS THAT THE TWO BRIGHTEST PHYSICISTS/BIO-ASROLOGISTS THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN - Carl Sagan & Neil deGrasse Tyson - HAVE USED TITLES RELATING TO STANLEY KUBRICK'S FILM/MOVIE/WORK IN BOTH OF THEIR RESPECTIVE SHOWS/SERIES/WORKS - WHICH WERE BOTH CREATED YEARS AFTER STANLEY KUBRICK'S FILM FIRST APPEARED. THEREFORE, THEY OBVIOUSLY CONSIDERED IT (AKA THE FILM/MOVIE THAT KUBRICK CREATED IN 1968 - 2001: A Space Odyssey) TO BE EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT, To The Point of Using Almost Identical Names in the Titles - of their Future Respective Works.

7. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most beautiful television shows I have ever seen. I was obsessed with it when I watched it initially in 2014, and I had no idea it was even remotely associated with The Sopranos when I watched the full series [Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey] years ago. And I also didn’t even know that 2001: A Space Odyssey even existed back then [back then when I initially watched Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey] in 2014. I watched it only because I liked it. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most beautiful television shows I have ever seen. I was absolutely obsessed with it years ago, around 2014. I would literally look forward to it & wait until the end of the week [on Sundays] for the next episode to air.

8. The amount (& detail) involving Physics, The Universe, Connections (to Everything), & So Many Other Disciplines - that David Chase Demonstrates in The Sopranos is Truly Ungraspable and Immeasurable.

9. My Favorite Movie/Film is tied between two. The Fifth Element, and The Lion King, simply because I Love both, no Connections here. They are two of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.

9. I just started watching again my favorite television show ever - again tonight. I was so happy when I found it on Netflix. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson NOT the sopranos. Watching it with a new light and understanding now that is so much different from when I watched it initially in 2014. It is so obvious that the cartoon sequence in the first episode refers to either Physical Body Ascension or Soul Travel or Higher Dimensions.

10. Neil deGrasse Tyson says: YOU, ME, EVERYONE -------- WE ARE MADE OF STAR STUFF [AKA SOUL.] It is so obvious now. And my obsession with this show from 2014 (Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey) is now a new obsession in 2018. :icon_lol:
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