Could Meadow not be Tony's daughter?

I personally don't think she is Tony's biological daughter. There are subtle hints (I counted about a dozen the 2nd time I watched the series) but I think Chase wanted it to remain ambiguous throughout. I haven't read anything on this topic so maybe it's common knowledge or highly debated or neither. Am I alone in this?

In fact, I'd like to speculate that Hunter (Meadow's friend) is in fact his daughter. I base this only on small clues that seem to be put in for a reason, and are out of place if not within this context. Why, in the 1st episode, when Tony is with his ducks in the pool, does it cut to Hunter looking out the window (we see a close-up of Hunter before we see Meadow). For a split second we're led to believe this girl we're seeing is Tony's daughter, until the next shot in the kitchen that pans over to Meadow. Then, towards the end of the series when Hunter is visiting Meadow, she tells Carmela she dropped out of school (like Tony did). "That was always you", Carmela says.

Carmela looks at the painting of the white baby in the gallery, and Meadow's dark skin is purposely contrast against it. "When Meadow was born, oh my God she's so dark".

When MEADOW GOLD loses the race, Chris says "By a c*nt hair". He could have said anything else.

And of course, Meadow is not there with the family at the end. This can be for a number of reasons, the end scene is still a mystery in many regards. For one, if she had parked her car successfully the 1st time then she would be sitting next to Tony and caught in the crossfire. Parking incorrectly saved her life.

Re: Could Meadow not be Tony's daughter?

Billyv wrote:lol. take some more pills
With a show as structured as this, you have to interpret everything in the frame as intentional. Do that and you pick up on dozens of hidden meanings they stuffed in both visually and between the lines.

If Artie had kept his hair, he would have become the boss eventually.
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