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Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

rjcrouch- you are a man after my own heart! i went to NJ last year and went to the Patterson Falls where a couple of scenes were filmed- dangling a gambling debtor over the edge, etc... it was awesome! When i went thru the turnpike to pay, i had to notice every detail- it was exactly like the opening scenes with Tony- i could just hear the music! (we don't have those sort of toll booths here in California). Coming out of the airport, i just soaked in the marshes and meadowlands with the big tall thistles and vegetation we saw in so many scenes: Christufuh nearly biting it, Adriana's car left at the airport, asbestos debris left on the shorline... Who would've thought New Jersey would be so attractive! I love it! I hope if we meet for the long-planned gathering, its in NJ!

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

We have nothing at all like that drive here in England.

even the width of the road (16 lanes at one point I believe) is insane. The widest roads we have are 3 lanes, with the occasional road opening up its hard shoulder to make it 4 lanes during peak times.

I loved the way, when driving from Newark to NY, you seem to be in such a wilderness, then you turn one corner and see that NY skyline.

I made my GF take pictures of the big white things with 'Drive Safely' written on them, and the road sign for 'Elizabeth' (which i believe is included as that is where the actual NJ mob are based)

I would have loved to have gone on the Sopranos tour, but I don't think they were doing it when I was there. When I next go I'll definitely be going on that!

I wonder if my GF will want to come to the Bing? Although I hear they've redecorated the inside now. Surely thats commercial suicide!

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

mperkins605 wrote:I've got a question about the final season. There were several people wacked in season 6B and most times the shooter dropped the gun at the scene. (When Bobby killed the guy in the laundry mat in Home Movies and when Bobby was wacked in the train store) Why? This was not done in earlier seasons. For example, when Vito wacked Jackie Jr. he did not drop his gun.
If you drop the gun at the scene then it cant be found in any one persons possession nor can any prove WHO fired it. Especially if its a unlicensed gun. As far as the Jackie Jr thing, I would guess that since it was an inside job they were less worried about that. So leaving the gun at the scene makes it really hard to find out who fired it.
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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