The Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

Believe it or not, I have just spent the last three and a half hours reading through a great deal of the old posts here (yep, it's been a lazy day). See, a few days ago, I began re-watching 6a, so I decided to start digging up posts here from each of these episodes, for old time's sake. It was the night that "Members Only" aired, after all, that I first discovered The Chase Lounge (back when it was still an EZBoard forum).

I didn't start posting here until right after 6a aired, but I was lurking constantly before then. Reading so much here today really made me realize how much I miss all of that. For all my excitement for each new Sopranos episode every Sunday evening, I was just as excited to spend the subsequent three or four hours before bed here with you guys. This forum was really something. Everyone was so welcoming and cordial, and provided such great insight into the show. And it was marked with such an energy, due to the feeling of camaraderie between us all sharing this television series, and due to the incredible anticipation we felt in between new episodes.

Of course, that anticipation is gone now, and so is the energy. This place has really died down to the most quiet whimper. The whole series review thing has ultimately proven to be a failure, as discussing episodes seems to have lost its appeal without linking it to some piece of speculation for future episodes. And the chatroom, which I (and a few other dedicated regulars) frequented just about every night for the longest while, now stands empty.

I can't believe I'm already so nostalgic for something so near in the past. But while watching the sixth season over again, and then reading all the posts here, I was immediately transported back to March - June 2006. I remember the weather warming up, I remember sitting outside in the backyard between 8:00-9:00 every Sunday, waiting for my turn (because my dad always got to watch the new episode before me and we could never watch a new episode together). I remember harassing my friends about watching the show with me (though try as I might, no one ever took me up on my offer). And I spent a lot of my time on the site in art class (my fingers were constantly on the alt and tab keys. Whenever the teacher walked by, my screen would quickly jump from Chase Lounge to Photoshop). And I lurked here for months, until finally working up the courage to start posting myself. And once I did start posting, it felt like an honor to be apart of such a fine community.

Well, I'm sorry for my ramblings, to whoever bothered to read this. I just really miss all the action this site saw, and especially realized this today. Though I can't blame anybody for not having much anything else to post here; everything that needed saying has been said. I guess what I'm trying to say is that David Chase needs to hurry up and decide to produce another season, so that everyone has a reason to come back here.

Anyone else feel similarly, or is it just me?

Re: Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

Not just you, UP. I miss those days as much as anyone, I suspect. And thanks again for another fantastic post.:icon_wink:

I still check the forum several times a day but often just scan the one or two new posts that sometimes are added, rarely feeling motivated to comment on them. This falloff was bound to happen because, as you noted so well, so much of what fueled the fury of posting here was the constant look forward, the need to connect where we had been to where we might be going. And while the show prompted ancillary discussions on all sorts of topics regarding human psychology, behavior, criminality, social policies, etc., the impetus for those discussions were those characters in that particular world.

That could not be sustained very far beyond the finale. And I think the fact that many were disappointed in some respects with the way the show ended only made it that much harder to sustain high "morale" or interest here. The finale inspired so much divisive and strong passions that, for a while, even the cordiality of the board was very threatened.

Lately I've had flashes of a desire to return to discussing Tony's ultimate destiny in season 6a & b from a broadening perspective, aided by time and by an evolving philosophy about God and the place of humanity in the universe. But I'm not quite there yet. I probably need to first get beyond the distracting NBA season and all the disappointment it will certainly entail for me as a Vince Carter/Nets fan.:icon_biggrin: When I do feel that urge to return, I can only hope that there will still be one or two folks around who still care enough to converse with me.

Regardless of whether there is or isn't, I think Chase should be quite proud that, in addition to producing something that was highly entertaining to so many for so long, his work inspired extremely passionate, voluminous, intelligent, and reflective dialog about all sorts of aspects of humanity and society, even if that dialog had the same expiration date as the series. Certainly the residue of the feelings and the things I learned from the exercise will be with me forever.
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Re: Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

Well to be honest, i for one (agreeably as a minority), never did have the huge urge to speculate on possible scenarios for future episodes while we were in the midst of it. i mean, i never got big satisfaction and happiness from that. Even if you look at my old posts, i usually joined in only occasionally on those types of conversations out of respect or an attempt to keep up with the group and be part of the overall momentum that was predispositioned that way. Even at the time that that was going on (the speculation on how something might turn out in the next epi), i never felt that comfortable or simpatico with it. But i didn't want to be left out of the discussion with so many brilliant and insightful people. I was probably more in the here and now about it, reacting to whatever Chase put out. Possibly that was part of my own maturation process-- not saying it wasn't just fine that other's were doing that.

Its fair to say that my propensity for trying to see parallels with the storyline in symbolism, art, literature or theology and spiritual/religious metaphores probably speaks to my bias to see everything around me in that light-- with the question, How does this story/character relate to the story of God on earth? How does it relate to how we as modern humans (and me as a modern Christian) manage our lives with the mission or directive we might perceive as coming from a higher power we submit to? How does/did Tony's actions in the story reflect his response to God or the Church in his life? i was always seeing the characters and story in terms of the people living life from their somewhat damaged and even sometimes corrupted catholic culture, which fascinated me then; and now. Especially as a member of a huge family with similar background and flaws. They really seemed like true family to me.

Even though i have had to back off from some posting due to family problems lately, i still check in, and have to say that i never tire of this site still!! i truly hope at least a basic core of others will stay connected over time, because the questions that the story called out are timeless, will never go away, and as time progresses, will be seen in a new light as we ourselves change- much like Fly described so much better. Like really good classics re-read from college days, this show can be re-watched over time and always be relevant on some level. i hope this site will always and forever be around!! :smile:

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I just wanted to check in say hello again to all of you. I agree that it is sad that we will never see a new episode. I remember how excited I would get at the first released promo's or trailers for the new seasons. I cant believe its been almost a year since the premiere of season 6b. Heck, its been over 8 months since the finale aired. "Casual" fans of the show have moved on while many of us here are left with a void in our lives. Maybe that's the type of thing Chase was making fun of but I don't care, he created such a rich work that it deserves to be analyzed forever.

I do check the site from time to time. Real life has gotten in the way and I cant post like I used to. I am also right in the middle of the final season of "The Wire". If you have never seen it, start watching it right away, from the first season on. It is amazing and in some ways better than The Sopranos (although I still think nothing will ever beat The Sopranos). I also recommend Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood". An absolutely amazing and rich film that I am sure David Chase would love.

Once again big thanks to Fly for creating this amazing site and discussion. Even if people no longer post there is a rich history of discussion that any fan can easily find for any episode or theme of the show. I dont think you can find any better analysis of the show ANYWHERE, on the internet or published books (that includes Mauric Yacowar's "Sopranos on the Couch"). This is the place that even David Chase checks out. I hope Fly keeps it around forever.

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I definitely understand your feeling, UP. It is the natural progression in any forum, really. There is a time of excitement and then it dies down, aided in this case by no new episodes. Normally, we'd be between seasons and wondering where Chase was going to take us next. Now, all we have is the final product to roll around in our hands over and over again knowing it won't change or grow anymore.

I still like referring back to previous posts from time to time when I get to thinking on some aspect of the show since it does still resonate (just yesterday, I was watching a bio on Sinatra and they went into a whole long spiel about how all Italian Americans are associated with the mob. Made me think of the Sops, to be sure.)

And I wouldn't mind seeing those few still around venture into discussing other OT things. I've never done much of that since I spout my mouth off at my blog usually, but the few core folks who have stuck around are folks I have always enjoyed conversing with online. Always feel free to start some new threads/discussions. As Fly said, I stop by often (daily really) just to make sure everything is running smoothly. But if something catches my eye, I'll get to typing. :icon_wink:
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Re: Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

I'm another on the list. I visit daily, but rarely post, and I think about past conversations on this board often. I get the feeling only a new Chase project would get anywhere close to the level of discussion that the Sopranos had (somewhat surprisingly, none of the former writers and directors current projects, Matthew Weiner's Mad Men being one example, generated much discussion).

I'd love to participate in the forum rewatch more, but I think that a) it's too soon after the show has ended, and b) my energies are focused on other things right now. But perhaps, in the future.

Re: Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

I know I'm new here, I only found this place during 6b (unfortunately ). I would agree with Jouster that its too early after the finally to rewatch all of the episodes. Mainly because I was pretty obsessed with the show even up to 3-5 months after the finally, and thus I thought it wouldn't be wise just to watch all the episodes again for the sake of it. But.... since I am half way through season 2 of "The Wire", I will more the likely start watching The Sopranos again to "compare". So hopefully I will start to engage more with the site.

Btw, this site rules, thanks Fly.:icon_biggrin:

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Honestly, I thought the series rewatch was too early too. I've forgotten now who first suggested it, but it seemed to be an idea people expressed a lot of favor for at the time. I think there was real fear then that EVERYONE would simply leave the forum after the finale talk died down. So I happily went along with it and even tried to participate, though my heart was not in it. It's just too soon. My batteries need to recharge for the series, so to speak, and there needs to be a certain impetus to return, maybe news of a new Chase project or of a new DVD set being released with new commentaries, something.

I'm quite willing to suspend the rewatch after season 2 completes (which is soon.) But Garth specifically requested it to continue after I sort of let it go for a while.

Garth, if you're around, want to weigh in? No one is really discussing the episodes and I dare say very few are even watching them. I'm certainly not. But it's harmless for me to keep rotating the old forums to the front page, which I'm happy to do if anyone still wants me to continue.
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I hope we never really stop revisiting these myths and meta stories as long as we live. I mean, we still are talking about Beowolf for Christs sake! I think this show is arguably as lengthy and there fore deserves alot of time and reflection to see all that the story presents. I for one will keep posting here but more in a once in a while way not like it was leading up to the finale. But now I would love to sit back and chat forever about this family and its many layers. Thank you all who keep posting!
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Re: Chase Lounge "Goin' Down Slow"

My roommates and I re-watched the entire series recently. 86 episodes in about six weeks. I was impressed--we watched about two episodes a night, a season a week. When I thought it about, it was like watching 43 105-minute Sopranos movies.

It was fascinating to pick up on things I hadn't noticed before, though I think my roommates (who hadn't seen the ending) might've gotten lost at times because there was so much to digest every night.

I'll continue to revisit the series periodically.
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