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Chris because he a) got over his drug addicted (for now) b) he sat on the dog...kinda funny, c) he was given more responsibility, and d) the episode where he killed "the guy who killed his father" at the end where he pinned up the 20 dollar bill on his mother's fridge.


Favorite "Season Four - based" Character

Tony is my favorite character, through and through, season after season. With the exception of Tony's father, Johnny Boy Soprano, though he has been in such few scenes it's almost not right to include him.

But I'm going to answer this question in terms of a character who was either ONLY on Season 4, or made his or her main impact in Season 4. For example, such a character would be Mikey P in Season 1 or Richie in Season 2.

In that sense, then, Season 4 characters would include:

1. Carmine Sr.
2. Carmine Jr.
3. Svetlana
4. Murph
5. Bobby Bacala
6. (Minor characters, such as Meadow's new boyfriend or Devon [AJ's girlfriend], or Bacala's children.
7. Brian

I'm going to leave out the main characters and say that it's among Svetlana, Bacala, and Carmine. Both were on in previous seasons but all three made their biggest impact in Season 4.

All three were good, but I have to give the nod to Carmine. And I'd like to see more of him in Season 5.


Re: Favorite Character in Season 4

I would pick Ralphie has my favorite to watch in season 4. I just finished watching a lot of eps from this season. He almost singlehandly stated a war that set off a series of events that almost got himself, Johnny Sack and Carmine whacked with his Ginny Sack comment. As well as it getting a member of his crew (Donny K.) beat near to death by Johnny. We also saw his continuing squables with Paulie and Tony. Leading up to his conclusion with the memorable "Whoever Did This" episode. Fine work by Joey Pants to make everyone hate Ralph Ciffaretto yet not be able to turn away everytime he was on screen.
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