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This has been my faviorite season yet.Four is my faviorite, but it wasn't at first. Upon first vieweing I was a little disapointed, but upon revieweing I found it to be the season that was the most focused. My excitement of this season reminds me of how excited I got while Season Three was airing. There was a lot of possibility and a lot of angles thrown in the air. The only problem I had with three was that it seemed they threw so many things up in the air, that they never had any intention of bringing them back down. I'm not referring to Melfi's Rape, Or The Russian, which I thought were great plot points and some of the best The Sopranos have done. I thought Army Of One and University were the two best episodes of Season Three, and still think it is much better than Season Two. So far, Five feels like three with all the possibility and Season Four in that the writing is extremly focused.



<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Tony B was at the "mock" execution because Chris and Tony are his cousins. As for the other tough guys, they were their because someone had to tie Chris up and hold him back if he lunged, which he did.<hr></blockquote>

Yes Tony B. wanted to stop the execution, yet he didn?t show that for 75% of the time of the "execution".

They tied Chris up in the club, no need for the bouncer to come along. Paulie is strong enough to hold Chris. This was a mistake in the show. Then again it could be to show how low Tony S. has gone, bringing along bouncers on an "execution". The old Tony S. wouldn?t have done that.


Re: Re:

I also noticed the large amount of people around during Chris's so-called execution. This gave me the impression that there was no way Chris would have been killed, and Tony knew this from the beginning. If Tony had planned on killing Chris, it would have been only him, Paulie, and Sil. (Perhaps Tony B.)

Just the presence of these other people immediately clued me in that Chris would survive that scene. It was set up for intimidation, nothing more. Although, if he crosses Tony once more his days may be numbered.

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Re: Uncle Jun

As I was watching this scene, I was convinced that we had seen the end of Chris and I was desperately trying to think of any clips we might have seen of him in a trailer that hasnt aired yet (which would mean that he lives beyond this scene). Than I recalled the clip where Tony is toasting to Tony B and Chris and says "Gentleman, to a job well done"; right away I felt a sense of relief and knew Chrissy would live on.


Re: Uncle Jun

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> watched the episode again and realized during the scene with the telephone gossip chain Uncle Jun was holding the receiver upside down. another clue that poor Uncle Jun is losing it. <hr></blockquote>

Are you sure? the phone line was connected on the bottom (closest to his lip - where it should be).


characters getting whacked

Jim Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli and Tony Sirico all signed new guaranteed contracts before this season started, for both season five and six. They are the only four characters who thus are probably guaranteed to be there until the last episode. HBO would be wasting a lot of money if they let the writers whack any of them before the last episode of next season. Otherwise it would cost HBO a lot of money. I could see Junior getting sick and dying, or Silvio getting whacked (Little Steven was on tour with Bruce most of last year during filming so supposedly isn't in many episodes this season anyway) But not Christopher.

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Anyone See The Same Episode as me? LOL

As a Big Tony Soprano Fan im starting to wonder what the F*** is goin on in the last two episodes?

Last Week they ratted Feech out. As much as Feech was annoying they shoulda just wacked him out.If anyone finds out that he was snitched on, (NY) people wont respect or trust Tony anymore.They will think that soon as something doesnt go his way that Tony will rat them out.Very bad for business.

This week he is F***ing around with Ade, another rat by the way, who is his successor,and closest family members fiance. Bad for business as well. He can F*** any Broad he wants why Ade? Now he has people in his own family who dont trust him and have less respect for him. All his Capos are talkin behind his back like a bunch of school girls.Not only that but now hes doin Coke too?! He preaches to chrissy about drugs, and then goes to score some with his fiance?

I never thought I would say this but, Im starting to dislike Tony Soprano. I used to like the fact that he was a very intelligent and shrewed business man. Now it seems like hes turning an ordinary, lowlevel wiseguy with no honour. What the F*** Happened? Its only been 2 episodes?

Any Thoughts? <img src= ALT=":evil">


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