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Please don't post Previews info in the different discussions. People (like me) dont see these previews, and i almost see a preview inlay as a SPOILER, i like to be surprised by the show, but more often i have known a lot of things before thanks to this forum, and dont get me wrong, i really like to be around here reading all the stuff. But PLEASE, post preview stuff only in the Preview topic....<img src= ALT=":\">


Don't usually

Sorry if it ruined it for you the only reason I posted a spoiler detail was because the post was titled next weeks preview and the person who started the post missed the preview and asked for an in-depth detail of next weeks preview. I don't think anyone would try to throw it in a different topic post as to surprise someone who doesn't want to know what it is about. I was only trying to help out a fellow member because he wanted to know. But again sorry that you saw that and it I do respect your thoughts on the matter.


Re: Don't usually

keep ALL spoilers (plot lines, reviews from critics who've already seen the episodes, etc.) strictly limited to the spoiler discussion forum. ill give you a quick example..

say in the previews you see tony jumping into the ocean. you, having read the spoilers, know that tony gets bitten by a shark. during the preview discussion in any forum, you do not mention this at all. in the spoilers forum, you can go nuts and post about it.

however, previews at the end of an episode are not considered "spoilers" since first of all they are deliberately misleading, about 15-20 seconds, and are from hbo, not some sneaky critic determiuned to ruin the show's plotlines. if you don't want to read about the preview, then don't click on the thread.

all preview discussion in every forum except spoilers, should be speculation only, based on what you think will happen. if theres any questions feel free to ask.

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