Re: Did Anyone Think It Was All A Dream?

I sure hope it isn't just a dream. I invested tons of emotion in Chris's death, and the controversy surrounding "I did it" vs. "I get it." There's been constant watercooler discussion about that for the past day.

I really doubt it is a dream. That would be such a low blow to the Sopranos community. It would be a total travesty if this episode was imaginary. I doubt that Chase would ever do that.

Re: Did Anyone Think It Was All A Dream?

I know exactly what you're talking about - I thought the same thing. I was looking at his face trying to see if he was still all banged up, and then found myself wondering if the injuries matched up, or if maybe they were from that fight earlier in the season.. :-)

(deep down, I don't think I wanted to see Chris die; in fact, I turned off the TV when it happened and didn't continue watching the episode until the next day)

Re: Did Anyone Think It Was All A Dream?

Yeah, when Tony wakes up from his therapy dream where he "confesses" to all those deaths, I too at first thought the whole thing had been a dream, that he only imagined killing Christopher. It was entirely possible given the history of dream episodes on this show. But by the end of those episodes we knew it was a dream, they never left you hanging. If it was a dream, we would have seen Christopher at the end of the episode. But when I saw Tony still had the scrapes and bruises from the accident when he woke up I knew the only dream was the confession in therapy. (Done to climb into Tony's head and explain why he did what he did to Chrissie) I guess I was hoping (and still am) that it was all a dream.
Thanks for your fine work, Michael Imperioli.
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