i think...

i'm guessing but, ...

i think it had something to do with the music. the song that was playing. there's a shared look between them as if to say, "hey, you hear that song?"

but, i'm probably way off target.


Re: i think...

no...I think Silvio was motioning to Tony whether or not Adriana's office was bugged since they were about to talk business with Feech. Tony nodded his head thinking everything was alright and the place wasn't bugged. If I remember, in the next previews the feds mentioned to Adriana about bugging her club.


The Sil Gesture

I'm rewatching "All Happy Families" and the gesture is fedintly about the music playing in the background. When Silvio points, Tony smiles, laughs, says "Yeah", to acknowledge the song. I'm pretty sure its early Van Halen, or David Lee Roth. Another thing I just caught, Tony saying about Feech: "He's old, how do you think that feels" and then cutting to Carmella looking at an ad for BOTOX. The writing on this show is 100 percent and still as witty as it has ever been.


Re: The Sil Gesture

harmony, I looked at it again too and agree that Tony's smile was about the music or something else but definetly not about a bug...that was just my first instinct. a lot of times I have to rewatch things over again with this show in that a lot of times I see things that aren't there and I don't see things that are. weird.


Re: What was Silvios gesture to Tony?

Someone over on the TWoP forum came up with a plausible explanation for this:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I had to go back and watch the episode again, but when Silvio goes into the hallway to talk to Adrianna, I think he's asking her to turn the air conditioning on. When he comes back in the office, he gives Tony a knowing look and they both glance at the ceiling (waiting for the AC to kick in) before they start talking business with Feech. Tony believes the AC blocks any attempts by the FBI to bug his conversations.<hr></blockquote>

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