Chris losing his drivers license? (wtf)

Does anyone else find it funny that after the roll over crash, a mob tough guy like Christopher was worried about losing his drivers license because he would fail a drug test? I mean, first off Tony has "a guy" down at the DMV. Christopher shouldn't have worried about a trival matter like that. Because Tony had his cell phone out and had already dail 91- but then cancelled the call because Chris was saying the wrong things.

By telling Tony he wouldn't pass a drug test sealed his fate. All because he would lose his drivers license?

Sorry if this has been covered before, just thought I would bring this question up.

Re: Chris losing his drivers license? (wtf)

I'll commit murder, theft, assault, etc but NEVER drive without a valid license!!

Someone could easily say things that don't really make sense while injured in a serious accident and under the influence of drugs; confused thoughts racing through his head. Still, maybe Every bit of dialogue and every element of plot and scene were Not perfect, well thought out and thematically significant.
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