did no one else think that tony was being kind to chris?

i was just wondering if anyone else shared my opinion that tony was being kind to chris by killing him? yes i know that there was festering resentment over the cleaver film and i explain my thoughts on that in another thread but to me tony loved christopher, in fact sometimes it looked like he loved him more than his real son AJ.
lets not forget that chris had been in a bad car accident and probably wouldnt have survived anyway, plus we have the fact that he was high as a kite and if he was found in that state his reputation with the mafia outside of the NJ crew wouldnt have been good and he'd have probably got whacked for that anyway.
tony smothered chris which is known as a mercy killing in mafia circles, something that you do out of love for someone. in reality he was saving chris from a) a painful death and b) potientially getting whacked in a more horrible way than suffocation.
i would like to hear peoples views on this topic whether they think this theory is right or that he killed him for his own purposes

Re: did no one else think that tony was being kind to chris?

Hi GA. I think what was more revealing about the scene was when Tony saw the crushed baby seat. I do agree with you that Christopher probably sustained fatal injuries and that Tony hastened the inevitable. But I suspect Tony was driven by a lot of different emotions. Christopher revealing that he was still on drugs also played a part. He became more of a liability and Tony always harboured thoughts that Christopher was more often than not, a liability. There was also an element of murdering his wayward "son" as well as it being construed as a mercy killing. Just shows what a nuanced scene it was.
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