Re: Does this terrain look familiar?

Irish, no I didn't take the photo. Found it while searching google maps.

BTW, google just gets more cool by the year. The satellite photo maps are terrific, but I didn't realize until just today that you can change your planes of view on many roads throughout the country from an aerial to a terrestrial plane. Apparently a vehicle equipped with a periscope-like camera drives these roads and takes 360 degree panoramas and you can stop at any point along the road and get the view from any particular angle. Amazing.

I was searching maps to find out how close Kingman, Arizona is to Las Vegas. Wouldn't you know, Kingman is only 95 miles southeast of Las Vegas. A lot of Kingman tourist info touts the proximity to Las Vegas, and a very expensive bridge slated to open in 2010 is being built over the Colorado River to make commute between the two cities much shorter and quicker. Kingman is known as "the heart of route 66." I'll let you guess why all that's significant.

This photo was actually taken in Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas. According to IMDB, the closing scene from K & H must have been filmed at that canyon, although I don't know the exact spot. But this clearly looks like the same terrain.
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