Questions about K & H

This has probably already been answered, but I would really appreciate if somebody was able to give me a quick answer on some questions I had after rewatching K & H last night.
1. At the roulette wheel in Vegas after the peyote, and Tony keeps winning, he says "he's dead", before he falls over. Who was he referring to? Was it really his father as opposed to Chrissy?
2. I hadn't realised first time round that in his Melfi session, Tony gave quite a few details as to "it" that he saw in the desert. He said "there is something else out there. This isn't all there is", to which Melfi replied "a parallel universe?". Tony then said maybe. He also reinforced "Hey, I'm a good guy, basically". Was Tony talking about "Heaven"? And if he was, did he believe he would gain entry?
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