Re: You think Tony knew about the dead writer?

Remember how Tony pulled Bobby closer to himself by making him kill someone. If Tony suspected that Chrissy has killed JT then Tony might have wanted to pull him in a bit closer also. That would explain why Chrissy was driving for Tony that night. Tony wanted to get an idea of what was going on in Chrissy's mind. So he pulled him in closer, figured out what he needed to do, then did it when the opportunity presented itself.

capping and baseball caps

How ever indecisive Tony is, when it comes to weig silent he is the best. He may have not figured that the baseball cap was wired but he surely got Maasseroe fidgeting, and took quick action.

considering all that we had seen in this episode, It would have given a great deal of drama had Tony realized in the hospital that the baseball cap was wired: it would have justified his killing Chris for him. But now it is only just that feeling of relievement. The writers would not be so lame to tell this very big piece of info in a later episode....
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