Re: Vegas and Peyote/Tony's Motives for Killing Chris/What D

My apologies for gragging this hread up again. I don't expect to spark any new conversations, but with NZ being months behind, I didn't join here until after the final aired in NZ, so am well behind the eight ball in some of these older episode threads, and haven't had the chance to vent.

For what it's worth, when Chrissy and Tony are standing next to the barbecue at Chrissy's party, Chrissy makes a comment about "the great Dickie Maltasonti - your hero" just being a druggie who shot shit up his arm. And how Chrissy inherited that gene. Then in K & H, when Tony realises Chrissy is high, Tony realises Chrissy is just a waster as well. Sort of reinforces the idea that at the casino, the "he" Tony refers to is the Johnny Boy and Dicky figures, and the mystique around them.

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