Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

If there is an afterlife, JT is gonna catch up with Chrissy and beat the shit out of him. I can just see the confrontation.

"You miserable mother-fucker. You saw that girl I was living with? She was a world-class babe! You couldn't have waited a few months to have killed me? All love affairs with world class babes expire after a few months. You dumbass! You couldn't have let me have those few months?"

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

In a horror stricken, traumatic way, it was perfect. And I will miss the character.

Chrissy was in the same situation Tony has been in since the beginning but his drug use and non-use was always an issue. He cannot straddle the line or jump back and forth like Tony can. He can't separate his life like Tony can. He is a major disappointment to Tony because he cannot follow his lead.

A cab driver would never come to an accident scene like that and pick up Chrissy. If the cab arrived, the driver would have called 911 rather than putting a man with those injuries in his vehicle.

If Tony dialed 911, Chris might have made it but he would have been busted for the drugs. He wouldn't have just lost his license, he would be in jail and that would have given him the perfect opportunity to use his knowledge of Tony's activities as a ticket out for himself and his family.

In the last episode he was close to doing that anyway, he was talking too much to people outside of the Mafia.

Tony made one of those decisions, at lightning pace, that Artie referred to years ago, where he can see the end before they get there. And he finished it in the most coldblooded way possible.

I'm still in shock. This is not the end Chrissy would have wanted or envisioned for himself.

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

I can't fucking take this, Chris was the main reason I watched this show and the character I always rooted for, despite all his flaws and screw ups.
Just watched a bunch of great Christopher scenes right before I saw this episode to get even more into his head, (Tonys ultimatum for him at AJ's conformation, the "Where's my arch" scene with Paulie, Tony and Chris drunk together after grabbing the wine crates, Chris giving up on his dreams and throwing out his writing, him high at the festival, his happiness in "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti" when he grabs all those papers where he's mentioned while "Frank Sinatra" by Cake plays..) and then THIS happened...
So yeah, I'll miss him.
I'm watching scenes like that again right now and crying...

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