Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

Rike wrote:i feel like my whole family just died.
I fell the same damn way.....Im sad for Paulies mom too....She was such a sweetie. I cannot believe there are only 3 episodes left and that in too feels like part of my family dying. I drank 5 beers which is A LOT for me so Im very, very sad. I miss Ade too. I miss seasons past.................

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

I won't (miss Chrissy) but I will miss the excellent acting that Michael Imperioli brought to the character. And his collected litany of 'Chris-isms'.

The dying scene tonight, with all the throat noises, sounded so realistic (though I've never heard such in a reality situation.

Funny how last week, I felt a little twinge of pity for Chris, and tonight's show had me thinking - actually experiencing for the first time in real emotions - what a piece of s_ _ _ Tony is. What is his 'tally' now? Six - seven - eight?

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

I would have been much more satisfied if we could have had just a little more action concerning his leaving - like if there could have been a brief interaction between the cops and Chrissy re the JT murder.

There could have been some great game playing re Adrianna's murder and trying to get Chrissy to flip. It only would have taken a couple of minutes to have planted some very interesting seeds re Murmur and Adrianna's murder.

I really would have enjoyed some give and take with the Feds. I don't understand why David Chase just threw out the chance for so much entertainment from so little screen time.

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