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Re: Episode 6.18: Kennedy and Heidi - Grades and General Rev

Isn't it interesting to note that prior to this episode, most people saw Tony as a violent, but funny, pretty-good, guy. Since he killed Chris, most of the regulars see him now as a scumbag and are waiting for him to get clipped. If Chase wants to make Tony hated, he seems to be succeeding...
Christofuh says: "Tony has big decisions to make, like whether or not to have that third sandwich..." :icon_razz:

Re: Episode 6.18: Kennedy and Heidi - Grades and General Rev

It is definently sad that the show is ending and I will go out on a limb and say there will be no show that will ever touch this show on so many levels. What I will plan to do to keep the show alive is to rewatch the episodes over time. To me this show just never gets old, there is always something you find in repeat viewings that you missed in previously watching it. I also think after it is over and we have fully digested how things have played out, it will be very interesting to go back and rewatch the entire series from the beginning. I'm sure no matter how it plays out, we will see some subtle clues that we missed in past seasons. One other thing to do to spice up going back and rewatching this masterpiece again is to help someone discover the show who hasn't yet been turned on to it.

A lot of people out there are not HBO suscribers and it could be very rewarding and fun to find a buddy who hasn't been turned on to the show and get them into it. Have them watch it with you from the beginning and you can kind of live vicariously through them as they react to the things you once did the first time you watched an episode. And you can sit back with a smile on your face knowing how everything plays out while they enjoy the ride for the very first time.

Nicely said, WITWF and you have put forward some good ideas. I think I know someone who has never seen the show and who would adore it. It might even be a good chance for me to make some headway with her on the romantic front. Well, you didn't expect purely unselfish motives from a Soprano fan, did you?

Re: Episode 6.18: Kennedy and Heidi - Grades and General Rev

some addes symbology of Tony's drug endused gamblng trip. He was playing Roulette, here is the legend of roulette:

A legend tells François Blanc supposedly bargained with the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette. The legend is based on the fact that if you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel (from 1 to 36), the resulting total is "666", which is the "Number of the Beast

Re: Episode 6.18: Kennedy and Heidi - Grades and General Rev

bacala2258 wrote:somebody mentioned about Chris wearing a baseball hat from Cleaver. The only other time I remember Chrissy wearing a hat like that was in the episode where they briefly went back in time at Christmas when Tony was remembering Pussy wearing the Santa outfit and how he though Puss was wearing a wire underneath. I think in that scene they put a hat on him to make him look younger, like a kid that just would get Pussy an ashtray for his cigar. I think DC was also in the death scene of Chris make him look like a kid ...."the child is gone. the dream is lost." or whatever....
Wasn't Chris wearing a hat the very first time we ever saw him in S1 E1? Driving Tony somewhere?

I could have sworn he was. If so, kind of a nice touch.

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