What is your favorite season?

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Season Two
Total votes: 3 (43%)
Season Three
Total votes: 2 (29%)
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Season Five
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Season Six
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Total votes: 7

Re: Favorite Season

Ya, season 5 was a brilliant season. I have seen "In Camelot" recently enough, and I thought it was a brilliant episode. A sort of nothing happens but "everything" happens episode.

Ps; Is it not odd that harmony2k66 said his favorite season was season 4, but yet there is no votes for season 4.

Re: Favorite Season

This thread was made a poll well after it was created, Irish, so harmony probably didn't get a chance to vote.

Personally I think, episode for episode, season six was the best, with a very strong front end and an even stronger back end (with a bit of a sag in the middle), but for my favorite season I went with season five, for much the same reason Garth gave.

Re: Favorite Season

Season 4 was my dad's favorite season as well.

But I'd have to say my favorite season was Season 1. There are many things about the series that makes it truly great, but perhaps my favorite part of the show was the dynamic between Tony and Melfi. In the first season, Melfi served as both a prominent character and a conflict driving the plot, as well as a means for us to hear Tony's thoughts and feelings. Later in the series, while she's still a good character, she's not nearly as integral to the story line and we don't see as much of her, which I think is unfortunate.

Melfi's not the only reason Season 1 was my favorite, though. I thought it was nicely self-contained and had a clear over-arching plot. I didn't feel these aspects were quite as evident in future seasons (and pretty much non-existent in Season 3).

I should mention, though, I thought all off the seasons were outstanding. :)

Re: Favorite Season

Favorite Beatles album? Favorite Sopranos season? Same type of real tough question but I would have to say I have an answer, and the answer is SEASON 5. Despite crucial characters such as Richie or Ralphie no longer being onboard mind you. When the season first began and I knew that Buscemi was going to be on I at first didn't think it was going to work out being that he was already known for so many other things prior. Was I ever wrong for I think of his 'Tony B' character first and foremost whenever I do think of Season 5 like I'm sure many others do. His whole transformation from trying to be a 'citizen' to 'going back' on the episode which I think is the centerpiece of the whole season, 'Marco Polo' (best part when Carm calls out her mother on her 'self-loathing') and yet another example of good music being put to good use ('Bad N Ruin' by the Faces). The character Feech and the tension between he and Tony not a bad substitute for Richie/Ralphie if however brief, 'The Test Dream' ep being to Sopranos what I guess 'Revolution #9' is to the Beatles and then who can forget the 2nd last ep when we see the LAST OF Adrianna, arguably the most significant character ever on the show. And then of course in the finale where Tony has to, pretty much, beat Phil to-the-punch with Tony B, the still-animosity between both he and NY for handling it that way, that interesting ending running from the feds in the snow, children singing in the nearby elementary school (someone fill me in on the symbolism behind it if there is any), etc. It's simply the season I find myself going back to the most whenever I watch Sopranos re-runs which I tend to still do quite habitually.

Re: Favorite Season

Season 6 - The most complex and powerful season, perhaps of any series. 6B is near-perfect (even "Chasing It" is a great episode, just not as great as the other eight), but 6A gets a bad rap and is fantastic as well despite a few meandering and filler-y hours. There's a great sense of purpose to most of these episodes, not to mention an overall artistic vision throughout that is richer and clearer and more poignant and beautifully wrought than ever before. By the time we get to the last four episodes -- the emotional peak of it all -- the impression is that the show is operating at the top of its game on every possible level. It reaches a formal and philosophical precision in these final episodes that is astounding in its simplicity and confidence, and light-years away from the rather simple ironies and overreaching aesthetic of much of Season 1, which was still pretty great in its own right. Season 6 is a masterwork of modern art, as mysterious and evocative as it is breathlessly riveting.
Best Episode: "Kennedy and Heidi." Worst Episode: "Luxury Lounge." Most Underrated Episode: "The Ride." A+

Season 3 - Not as much cohesion episode-to-episode as is expected, perhaps, but every episode here's a knockout. It's a great middle ground between the energetic earlier episodes and the dark later ones. Like a Greatest Hits collection, I suppose you could say. This relative lack of epic season-long arcs -- not that there aren't any, they're just much less emphasized than the other seasons -- works well in S3's favor as it allows a more relaxed view into Tony's life, lending the season a vignette or mini-movie kind of feel which the show always achieved to some extent but never as extreme as here. So although it may feel like less is at stake for Tony, there's still plenty, plenty, plenty of stuff that happens; almost too much, in fact... every episode is loaded with incident. Season 3 is, then, like the climax of the plot of the series, if one were to look at it like an epic novel. From here on out, it's all falling action as things slowly but surely decline, with 9/11 and other smaller tragedies taking these characters to increasingly dark places. The best times are now over, the end of S3 seems to say, and now it is time to pay the piper. But the formal brilliance of S3 -- which properly combines and condenses the energy and pace of Season 1 with the depressive character explorations and existential musings of S2 -- is a worthy sendoff for Tony and co's best years, even as its dizzying accumulation of detail reveals in the end that not much of so-called "importance" has really transpired: merely the "fuckin' regularness" of everyday life.
Best Episode: "Amour Fou." Worst Episode: "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood." Most Underrated Episode: "He Is Risen." A+

Season 4 - Fascinatingly dark and brooding; I love the post-9/11 paranoia and general purgatorial and almost eerie, ghostly tone that haunts the whole season. It's very re-watchable, and over time episodes that I once viewed as merely decent have become personal favorites. The only one that refuses to grow on me is "Christopher," possibly the show's only outright bad episode (and even then, most of the minor plot-threads are pretty good; it's the awkward and out-of-character Columbus stuff that sinks it). But the rest is so great; in particular, "Whoever Did This" through to "Whitecaps" is as good a five-episode stretch as the show ever did.
Best Episode: "Whoever Did This." Worst Episode: "Christopher." Most Underrated Episode: "Calling All Cars." A

Season 5 - Almost a little too insistent on mob violence and power struggles galore, leading to a less tangible atmosphere than the previous season, and a slight feeling of wheel-spinning at this point with the Tony B plot and some others... but who can complain too much when this is still such a rich and fantastic season, full of classic moments, and with a flawless concluding three-episode punch?
Best Episode: "Long Term Parking." Worst Episode: "Rat Pack." Most Underrated Episode: "In Camelot." A-

Season 2 - Similar to 4 in its brooding focus on character. This is where the show began to become truly great, especially in the last several episodes. It's also where the show took on a more morbid and existential tone.
Best Episode: "Funhouse." Worst Episode: "Do Not Resuscitate." Most Underrated Episode: "House Arrest." A-

Season 1 - A promising beginning, but I've never understood the praising of this as the best one. It has most of my least favorite episodes, and even the best ones aren't quite at the top of the scale. Overall, just too overtly light and silly in tone, and too plot-focused. I prefer the ruminative later seasons.
Best Episode: "Isabella." Worst Episode: "Boca." Most Underrated Episode: "Down Neck." B

Edit: I was bored so I decided to be all "scientific," and calculate my average rating for each season (by adding up all the episode scores [from 1-10 on IMDb], then divide that number by the season's number of episodes). Here's what I found, which came as no surprise:
Season 6B - 9.7
Season 3 - 8.7
Season 4 - 8.6
Season 6A - 8.4
Season 5 - 8.3
Season 2 - 8.0
Season 1 - 7.0

Re: Favorite Season

It would be a lot quicker for me to list the seasons i least like. Seasons 3 and 4. For no other reason than they contain the only scenes that i fast forward past. In season 3's employee of the month rape scene and Christophers injecting drugs in both seasons are difficult to watch.

in order my favourite seasons are.....

Tied 1st- Season 1
Tied 1st- Season 5

2nd - Season 6
3rd - Season 2
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